What is Pink-Collar Crime


How common is pink collar fraud. And what exactly is it so pink. Color crime is low to medium level employees comma primarily women comma. Who's feel from the workplace. This turn came out and was popularized in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine by criminal just dr kathleen daily so. I didn't come up with it. But it is the one crime. Women really accelerate and for women in the audience. Don't get upset with me. Because i'm not picking on women. I'm highlighting the fact that they are in the lower to mid level positions. Only yet they know where every dime they come into a business and goes out of business so they are the ones who have access to the money and you know you said a little bit about. My background was a special agent with us customs. My idea of criminals were bad guys and most people think of criminals as bad guys. Well i hate to bring it to you. But it's not the bad guys that you need to be scared of. It's the nice people that you work with that you know ended up crossing the line and they might steal from you so it changed my view of criminals and i say i can't get out of bed in the morning if i think everyone is out to rip me off. We have to trust people. But it's trust but verify. Does that make sense. Well that makes a lot of sense and you know maybe if those lower level positions got paid more they wouldn't feel the need to steal but that's a separate conversation.

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