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And i did the rounds seeking out some interesting voice technology companies. Essentially that come from france to give you guys an insight into what's going on in the fresh technology scene which is really going from strength to strength. There's been a lot of investment. I think france is the leader in terms of investments in startups nowadays and especially since brexit as well may have taken the crown from the uk. So it was really excited to see what innovations are coming out from france. Five great steps for you then interviewed them about what we're doing with that products found the event etcetera so without further. Ado i bring you. Vive attack twenty twenty one. This episode is brought to you by manning publishing an independent publisher of a huge range of software development. Books at manning dot com. You'll find books on all the technologies you need to learn. In order to create world class voice applications all the books are available at pnb dot com and right now voice podcast listeners. Get massive forty percent of all the books with the promo code pod voice tech- nineteen to go. Check it out at money. Dot com just to quit reminded that full episode voice tech podcast now only available for a limited time after release. You can get all the full episodes voice. Podcast dot com slash pro as vojtech pro. You get your own premium. rss feed from patron. Which gives you access to the entire back catalogue of episodes early access to all the new episodes as well as exclusive interviews and bonus questions no ads and high quality sound. Plus you'll be helping to ensure like keep producing more episodes like this one so that sounds good to you had over to voice podcast dot com slash pro and sign up today. I'm counting on your support. I'm here with the team at need. Could you please introduce astounds name questionnaire. And i'm the cro accompanied. Those of cook need c and see Cro meaning chief revenue. Right right excellent. okay Could you start by introducing. Kobe tell us what is cognate. What does it do Who your customers. And what problems do you help them. Solve many questions at the time for it. So katie's he's a real time A obeys virtual assistant That is designed to help Inside sales and customer service reps in conversation real time conversation with clients. What the tool does it is. Listen to the conversation. Detect some key wirtz and prompts on the contextual relevant information that direct can use to have better conversations. We're talking about call. Centers is that right Sales rep in a cool center remotely those days right. So it's not necessarily only call centers it can be a you know salesperson that spending also time on the phone I guess it would be face to face at some point when we all wear glasses with mounted reality in front of screen dashboard. That helps agent. Yeah it's from two thirds prompting information during the conversation based on the detection and this information can be additional information to Help him be more precise or use on the recommended work where being for the messaging it can also questions to to Extend the conversation can be on sas to objections or the way to go round objections. It can be many type of question that of content that can help the during the code is very interesting. The you mentioned Ways to extend the conversation as well often the the aim is to resolve the compensation as quickly as possible. This conversation often looking to answer a question quickly. You actually in. Some cases wanted to extend the conversation to allow the customer to talk more. Why is that what absolutely we are convinced that the conversation is not necessarily your shot conversation right but It needs to be a where you learn a lot about the pliant and you can also with a really good response and ideas to share with your clients and All the rap sir a lot but they're not always on top of order messaging and a. It's a way for them to retrieve the the most recent and the best articulated way to express the value of the company to the client Have that problem myself. Being a podcast is sometimes show what you're gonna say it'd be great to have a national down around. Can you tell us about about. Who are your customers. Do you have a typical customer fully mind customer couture customer and what. What the problems that they come to you. Come to you with okay. So we don't have a typical type of customer but we work with banks with insurances etc. And we we typically solve the problem of training because training is a big problem for this type of company. 'cause they're the the reds need to learn a lot of different products love of different information and they need to remember it in like two or three weeks of rage in in this kind of profiles. Sales ableman is at the essays enablement or even customer customer service. So the main problem we we saw training and then we also now as the clients all already know a lot of information before calling the company rights ryan communities is a is an help is help to to to be at the same level of inflammation interesting so sometimes the custom is a more well informed than the agent because of nine and yes sir already very interesting okay and and tell us about the solution i know there are some unique aspects of the solution you guys implement chelsea about how it works and without revealing anything to secret so we designed to with three three main the first one is Live the live aspect so we display information live during the conversation and during both call the license of the of the of the call right the second one is customizable so any type of company can can put his own keywords inside code so that our i to detect it. Yes so it's a very specific part because you know with genetic speech to text modell's genetic speech a is You you can't really learn your own cures. That are not in the in dictionary absolutely estimate specific vocabulary specific vocabulary as well. So you guys trained that overtime. Is that a manual process. Do you guys have to review. And then add those does do automatically of fono. it's manual But we we plan to automate that into to even have a synthesized voiced that can help us. Put some data credible. Yesterday data generation and the defense is a sassa society of which which of course can be customized autonomously by the client okay you can define his keywords online as content online etc. Great and tell me about the language well and it's not just in french right. You guys are french. Company's french i with the technology along which agnostic also translating the world into a image image. Do not really Depend on the on the specific long. Which so we can make it work in any

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