Special Education and Parent Communication


My name is nadia domestic level. And i am a reporter for a surge which is a nonprofit museum back covers how education is changing and one of the things that's changing education is how widely used knowledge I don't think i have to go too much into that. I think anyone familiar. Resume living under a rock For the past sixteen or so months As seen the role technologies had in the way educations changing but that was a forced kind of change And as we begin to move into a reopen world there are lessons. People are gonna take from this time especially when it comes to technology now earlier. This month You wrote a piece for surge. Wanna make sure title right Technology made special education errands better advocates during the pandemic interesting headline And so give us the the basics on this what What were the changes happening for parents. Who special ed students that you saw when you started ordered story well previously For ed surge back in the fall. I reported Related story on how covid nineteen was impacting students with visual impairments and the challenges that they were having accessing education band accommodation and so one of the things that are researcher. I spoke to for that story. From the c- the american foundation for the blind told me that Because students were learning from home the parents began to have a much bigger role just in their kind of day to day Learning the day to day activities that had to be there to offer support

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