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This is mornings with kale in northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi k all right so now says for wale of scale of biblical proportions. This michael packard. Apparently at cape cod lobster diver was diving lobster off the coast of province down massachusetts. Just this past friday when a caught. Tim rather unaware six. Oh seven now thirteen ten. Kfi gay thirteen ten k. k. a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with kale from the collision specialists students. All right do you buy this or not sworn to run this by this morning. Here's a what packard told cnn affiliate w. b. z. I got down to about forty five feet of water and all of a sudden. I felt this huge bump. That would certainly get your attention. And everything went dark. And i could sense that i was moving and i was like. Oh my gosh. Did i just get bitten by a shark and then i felt around and i realized there his words there was no teeth and i had felt really no great pain and then i realized oh my god i'm in a whale's mouth i'm in wales mouth and he's trying to swallow me again. We all know that the best stories come from fishermen right and again. I'm not doubting their honesty or integrity but even among seasoned fisher people fisherman fisherwomen whatever but even among that group. It's kind of like when you start telling a story you better have photographic evidence to back it up or your fellow fishermen are going to say yeah right that's just a fish story so packard. Once again an experienced diver till wbz that he still had his breathing apparatus on in the whale's mouth so one of the things apparently is all this was transpiring. That went through his mind was just oh my god. What if he does swallow me and here. I am air. And i'm going to breathe in this whale's mouth until my air runs out and then he said okay. This is that it's curtains lights out. I'm going to die. And i thought about my kids. He set them. There was no getting out of there. what packard estimated to be about thirty seconds in the mammals mandible. He said the whale surface quickly and just as quickly split them out. All of a sudden packard said he went to the surface and just erupted and started shaking his head. I got thrown in the air landed in the water. And i was free and i just kind of floated there. I couldn't believe it. He said i couldn't believe i got out of that. And i'm here to tell the story and indeed it is a whale of a story and then now apparently packard was pulled out of the water by crewmate who actually witnessed him flying like thirty feet into the air. Saying what happened. What are you doing. He was taken to a nearby hospital and the end packard said he was all bruised up. Yeah he emerged to tell the story. Meanwhile i'll just juke robbins. He's director of the humpback whale studies that province town centre coastal studies. He said the unusual encounter was most likely an accident. Saying we really don't see humpback whales doing anything liked normally. Who do you think was more hookup packer to the all. Meanwhile robbins went on to say. I think it was a surprise to all involved. Is the master of understatement. There robin said that humpbacks often engaged in something called lunge feeding in which a fast moving wailed tries to gather a large volume of food. And it's rather sizable mouth quickly. And when they do that robbins said they don't necessarily see everything she added. The packard was unlikely to have been swallowed as despite their massive mouth. Their throats big enough for a person to fit through yet. Charles mayo also marine biologist at the center for coastal studies agreeing. He told cnn. It's a little like sitting down to a really nice meal and into your mouth. Flies apply mayo. Said his son. Josey is the captain on packard's boat responsible for tracking the divers movements by air bubbles mayo till c. n. n. He was there when his son brought packer to shore. An emergency services immobilized him and took him to the hospital. Mayo like robertson's could ni- recall a similar situation in which a diaper ended up in a humpbacks mouth mayo went on to say packard was indeed. I mean even if this was not straight out of the book of jonah mayo said that packard indeed was in real danger if not from the whales gullit than from the air pressure in his own lungs as the whale surface to spit him out. Yeah no safety stops there.

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