A highlight from RaM Ep 119 Vindicators Interview w/ Sarah Carbiener and Erica Rosbe


Check this out travis. You ask for it. It's t public Yeah yeah so happy. Happy that you're here. We this is it. This is the last episode of intermeshed. Rss before season five premieres. I can't believe it. The time has finally come. We have so much to talk about in this episode so we should waste no more time and get immediately into semi pertinent news. Slide slide while while one wound slide slide. One one watch lied semi while while while while barton knows apartment knows there it is. It's it's wonderful. Great great great. Job crab Well yes semi-permanent news we have. We have berry pertinent news coming up. Obviously like we like. We just mentioned Season five rick. And morty coming up and it will be debuting on adult. Swim is calling hashtag global. Rick and morty day that will be that will be june twentieth where they will be celebrating. I don't like is are there holidays. Like official holidays all over the world a global rick. And morty like does that i did they. Do they send letters or something how. How does how does that work. Why if you're an american. There's nothing else going on that day across the nation not a single thing especially especially not Celebrating you know The male figures in our lives. Yeah that this is just another attempt to To bring down the patriarchy out with father's day with global rick. And morty day. And i'm here for it so i know that adults who is doing a bunch of stuff to celebrate the event there is a there is a marathon this weekend. I think that's friday night on adult swim where i think they're showing all four seasons Of the show. So if for some reason you've you've missed an episode or all of the episodes. That's a great opportunity to catch up Being a you wanna watch every episode all at once Also for the first time ever adult swim will premiere the first episode from space spin space fair launching a rix space cruiser one hundred and fifty thousand feet into the atmosphere. Yeah so you can. That's the thing they're doing. We can be one together. Bellies did spice hatred. Stahl house okay okay forget anyway anyway. Yeah yeah i are. You excited are you. Are you gonna go out to the store and get yourself a global rick. And morty day card to give to your dad or something. So i plan on playing golf with my dad on saturday. So i'm not going to get him anything. For actual rick. And morty global rick and morty day but i did notice that Safeway vons or ralph sir piggly-wiggly wherever you shop That they did replace all the father's day stuff with global. Rick and morty day cards though good about time it is about good catch on that. Good catch on that. I think that's really cool Them them shooting up a To premiere the up soda in the upper atmosphere basically annual space that that's a really cool and We're gonna talk about this in a in a second. But the other part of the global rick. And morty days is kinda cool to that we've been we've been showing. I mean what do you what do you what do you. What do you think right like why why it global rick. And morty day do you do you think. I don't know if the episode is premiering to all the other countries to you know what you just in in in in the last year year and a half that we've had everything's gotta go global right. You can't can't keep things lockdown. That's right gotta you gotta just let them out there. So so for for the sake of everyone on the planet. And the fact that. Rick and morty now transcends this planet and goes out into space It has to be a global rick. And morty day so and and and the other thing that that the other bit of news is of course the. Go rick yourself. Website We you can go to go. Rick yourself dot com and this is an opportunity where you can enter the rick and morty universe for yourself by customizing your own. Rick and morty character If you follow us on social media you have probably seen our versions of rigging yourself brandon brandon. You've got some real when you sent me. Yours was like that's brandon fast. That's that's a little puppy brandon. right there Yeah no it looked. it looks great Here's here's the thing about to go rick yourself that it just occurred to me As going out there on read it going out there on like pinterest or or or M girl these these places. There are people who specialize in ricky you right. You can like you pay them and then they draw you and they put you in front of a portal. It puts you in front of background. Whatever they near podcast and then they just draw pictures. Data shout out at shadow. Shout out data But now now adult swim rick. And morty has has basically given us this free of charge so so shout out to all those out of work rick and morty caricature artists who are like go. Rick yourself rhetoric. It's it's it's just like when You make a living graphic design and then some programmer makes a website that just generates a logo for your business in like eight easy clicks and all. These custom designers are like my work has value. It definitely does i. I value i. I got the beef brandon. Can i bring the beef. You can bring up a yeah you you were a studied graphic design artist and and this. This is personal for you this. It's not so much the value of creative arts which tune into an episode of apathetic enthusiasm for all of my thoughts there. There are a lot of celebrities a lot of people associated with rick. and morty. You have your justin roy. Lynes your dan harmon's I believe jim gaffe again is is going to be doing. A voice This season for an episode. He posted a rick yourself image on his social media. All of these people are sharing their go. Rick yourselves but but if you if you if you look at the characters that they're sharing and then you go to go rick yourself and try to restate. These characters can't do it and do there. And there are some special characters in there. And it's like you know what i think. I think that was specially designed for you because i didn't see a body shape like that. I think you sent this to williams street. And this was a custom report in brian. Newton's like i drew that i drew the highest guys. They've they've had me locked in a house for the last year and a half just drawing

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