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You're listening to the world cafe. I'm kalaheo british aren beefy. Celeste had a pretty remarkable last year and a half she won. Bbc's prestigious sound of twenty twenty poll. She picked up the brit award for rising star the equivalent to best new artist at the grammys. She mass viral hit with the song. Strange most recently nominated for best original song at this year's academy awards a song she co wrote with daniel. Pemberton for the aaron. Sorkin film the trial of the chicago. Seven and she performed at the oscars. Like i said pretty. Good year and a half. We caught up with british singer who was born in los angeles and moved overseas before turning to about writing that song hear my voice the pressures of success and her debut album not your muse but first we get started with a live recording for the cafe this. Tell me something. I don't know it's the last on the world cafe Have you ever gone to times. Give every level honda. Wise believes ever the days a same khimik spin those days do. Have you ever wonder why some people ever want why you see. The mass still has a chance. The clock out of ten That's celeste with a gorgeous performance of tell me something. I don't know record live for the world cafe. It's on her stunning debut album. Not your muse. i'm kalaheo celeste. Welcome welcome to the world cafe. Thank you so much for having me wanted to do something with npr for such a long time. So i'm glad that the opportunities finding come about. I think it's the first of many i get the feeling just a so. A lot of americans introduction to you was at this year's oscars nominated for best song for hear my voice what's incredible In doing research was this wasn't supposed to be the song that you heard in the movie. Maybe even at all let alone the closing credits but it involved a little bit of secrecy. Can you talk a little bit about how the song came to be and how. It ended up on the closing credits. Yeah they might never let me get nominated again but No basically i was yet jesus sitting in my room as i was most of last year and it was kind of like in the midst of like some dramas having with my boyfriend and he was off. You know on a tangent for a few days and i was at home feel sorry for myself wondering when he might come back and that's when daniel. Pemberton actually messaged me and said hey like me. I don't know you buy like you're singing and do you want to write this song with me for this movie. The chargers chicago seven. And so we just thought it's ending like whatsapp voice. Messages like voicemail messages to each other and we saw just like talking on the phone and then he would like send me something over email. And then i would take two weeks to send him back and then it just went like that and eventually we kind of piece together the whole song and then in september we were able to meet in person and go into a studio together and aaron sorkin. The director actually had like another song by the beatles lined up for the closing credits at that time and while i heard what happened is it got to the final day of editing and they got the end the movie and they played the beatles song along to the picture and he was like. I love this song Something about just doesn't feel right. You know like is beatles. Of course it's always like monumentous has such a huge like mass appeal to and such a huge feeling but for whatever reason it didn't quite match up to like what he wanted to do the final piece of the movie and so i think he cool daniel like a little bit. Panic was like you know like we've got to the final day of the edit. The song isn't quite fitting and daniels. Like wow luckily in seek krupp. I've had this girl. Celeste working on it with me and like hope you like it. And i hope you like her. I think daniel was just really waiting for the right moment to play it to aaron in rome was not today not today and then eventually it was like in a day. Yeah exactly. That's how what tout and i never expected. It would be nominated for an oscar and is very surreal to be at an event like that and it wasn't expected but i guess it was very different because you've like a car in time in terms of what an awards gala like. The oscar should feel like that. We'll take me through that day. What happened yeah. So performed and the performance was recorded on the roof of the new academy museum and as like eleven pm on like a few days before and the the night i recorded. 'cause i wanted to do it in like the dog. That was a protest going down by on the streets. And i didn't know what the protest was four and i'm still not sure what it was actually about but helicopters excel Like the parameter of the building whilst we were about to record and everyone was like. Do you wanna record like is it gonna be too noisy and they were like you want you can record it in a room like later and we'll put the video and i know i was like let's just do it like you know like the movies about protests like we're here in the spirit of that that's what the song was written on the idea of so let's just do it and i think for that reason that was so much more atmosphere within the space because of all of that stuff going on and i think at the moment way. You don't have a crowd in need something to like. Sell a spa connect for me. That's what did it. So i was kind of fuck things happening from a reason in a brilliant brilliant. Let's let's play if it's okay with you. A little bit of your

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