A highlight from Biden and Erdoan reset US-Turkey relations

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Also today more migrants are now crossing the english channel in small boats. This orion man made the passage now. He's behind barbed wire. Camp in england hoping his asylum claim will be heard. But the thing it's not gonna happen you know also coming up. They up bucket. You've got copa america. Soccer tournament kicks off in brazil with majority of brazilians. Asking really during the pandemic. i'm marco werman the stories more today here on the world. I'm marco werman. You're with the world. It's good to have you with us this monday. President joe biden greeted turkey's president wretched taibbi today with a fist bump. The two leaders met at the nato summit in brussels as chums e is at appeared. It was actually something of an awkward moment on the campaign trail biden described to one as an autocrat and called for support for opposition leadership in turkey then after becoming president biden gave everyone at diplomatic cold shoulder. Not calling him until april still. The two leaders are trying to work things out here to help us understand. What's at stake is so narrow chop tie. He directs the turkish research program at the washington. Institute is a timely new book out as well. it's called the sultan. In autumn air to one faces the uncontainable forces of turkey trump ties says the two leaders had very different expectations. Going into today's meeting. Biden has set a very low bar with turkey it is basically to keep turkey. Nato and turkey's democracy vibrant. Everyone is on the scene aired on on the other hand wants to create a narrative of excellent ties with the us and that a lot to do with the set of turkish economy economies ten or losing support base. He wants to turn the economy around and built his base again for that. He needs to create a narrative of good ties with us. Because investors are worried about turkey's trajectory and to decide whether or not they're going gonna put money to the turkish markets data to see what turkey's heading so i think wants to come out of this meeting glowing happy and fist bumps and all of that with biden whereas vitamins going into it with a slightly lower expectations. Of course what has a relationship over time. And what do they have built on. As two leaders of two powerful military's turkey borders iran iraq syria and russia across the black sea and formerly isis held territories whatever. Us policies are regarding those for countries and an isis said. They're easier much less cumbersome much less costly with turkey on board. So i think the expectation is really to keep those strategic relationship with turkey. Live their differences. Let the two countries have. I think some of them are unbridgeable. One is turkey's decision to purchase russian-made s four hundred missile defense system for which congress has sanctioned turkey and this has really eaten into the bedrock of us circuits relationship which is defense ties. A continuing us cooperation with kurdish group called why pg which is an offshoot of another kurdish group at tara designated entity called pkk is something that uncle completely unacceptable but with biden is doing this saying look we can resolve these differences. Let's look areas where we can. Cooperate will american troops. Says we know are rapidly. Withdrawing from afghanistan and the future of the kabul international airport was thought to be front and center as biden and everyone sat down today. Explain that that's correct. I mean storing of the ottoman empire and sometimes friends asked me they say sonar. Where does the middle east end gone is from turkey and i tell them jokingly when you come to a country where people love turks again. That's countries afghanistan. Turkey has quite a bit of soft power on the ground and has the ability to maintain security of kabul airport now secured kabul. Airport is important because it will determine whether post u s withdrawal coalition. Us and other allies embassies will continue to function by and obviously doesn't want to go back into afghanistan. He wants to pull out a fit and and complete that episode and us history and it'll on has promised to him that he can deliver security of kabul airport so this could be a new stock between the two leaders. I think afghans gotta be poster child of the biden on meeting. So as i mentioned sonar biden did not call aero until three months into his presidency and that was to tell him he was going to recognize the nineteen fifteen armenian genocide. So this was not a promising start. Do you think we're seeing a reset in us turkey relations. It's hard for turkey to ever come back as a faithful ally of the united states. That always works the. Us agreed with washington. Never think we're not getting that turkey back. i think the biden whitehouse's digested this factor recognized. That turkey is a country. Now that seeks strategic autonomy anticipate that the white house is gonna frame ties with turkey. Turkey's membership with nato and keep that as an anchor to turkey to the united states so now trump tied directly turkish research program at the washington institute. He's also the author of sultan in autumn aired on faces the uncontainable forces of turkey. Thank you very much for helping us understand the sonar. Thank you so much. It was my pleasure in israel today. A new government and it's getting to work his a coalition of political parties as diverse. As you can imagine an unlikely partnership that's managed to bring an end to the twelve year rule of benjamin netanyahu at least for now as reo reports tel-aviv. Netanyahu is not going away quickly or quietly.

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