Episode 161: Exactly what a murderer would say


To so max seriously on your recorder for you now you were late. You've got patriot. Supporters to keep happy now man. You can't just like skip a week or anything like that. you know. this doesn't go out live right. i know i know but This is money we're talking about. I don't fool around here you go. Here's a quarter quartering you. What were you doing out in the yard or just sending a few stakes down a little bit landscaping done. Well i mean i'm gonna do the landscaping i look at the time. I enjoy operating the machinery. Speaking of that. I do have a delivery coming. Does this involve some sort of trick to get me to go outside and do some yard work. Because i'm not on board. no. I'm doing the work myself because i enjoy it in between visits to other dimensions can be out there just doing a little landscaping operating little mini excavator. It's gonna be fun. Oh you're having an excavator delivered. Yes that's right. I'm renting one. Oh just for the week okay. So with that comes. While i'm away you can decide point. Just tell them to swinging around back rights okay. There were set up here in the lab. I'm gonna do my whole thing. I high i max. I'm an engineer and inventor and thing here is the bagel trying to thousand which i'm not gonna turn on just yet the bagel trying two thousand opens up portals to other dimensions have been traveling through these portals for over three years visited a hundred and fifty plus different dimensions. I want to say at this point. my log cured so there's been a few duplicates and Yeah it's somewhere in that ballpark. Something different worlds and yet. I'm sure i've just barely scratched the surface of all the different presumably infant dimensions. There are out there jack. Strobe here my roommate is actually from one of these other dimensions. As a the whole thing you can go back and listen to how that happened. But he's here now. And i'm looking up the on list here look right like why haven't turned the biggest two thousand yet the next patron that we want to give a shoutout to is somebody named fluker. Yes pflueger as an interesting name. It is rather unique. I hope you think nice thoughts about him. Because some of these haven't gone so well no they haven't. We did try the whole reverse psychology thinking. That went really poorly. So don't do that again. Nice thoughts so as i turn on the bagel. trying two thousand here in a minute. We're going to be saying out loud. Pflueger had thinking about our patron flu generous patron and hopefully the dimension that we go to somehow involve something good about that sound think. Someone's here. I'm gonna go check it all back in bit. Good luck on your trip. All right i'm going to turn sing on get going. We'll see when i get back. So turning on the battlefront two thousand. While i think about pflueger i'm saying pflueger and thinking good about the good things lugar googlers. Great lugar is the best. Amac's your bob. Cat is here. i'm just going to have him. Put it on the side yard. Oh yeah yeah. that's great. thanks all right. Two thousand is warming up again. He took pflueger. Puerto looks stable. All the rings the machine or nominal ready. I'm going through. Oh gosh wow okay hang on let me show my puerto here and then i'm gonna describe outdoors. Any birds die. You know. I do hear some mangy senate dogs in the distance but i appear to be in a very disgusting looking trailer park as a whole row of single wides laid out here in front of me in various states of extreme disrepair. I'm standing right in front of one heinous off. The roof is sagging a windows. I don't know if they've ever been cleaned. There's nobody around outside here. So i guess i'm just gonna head up to this closest one here and given a knock and see somebody's around you can learn a little bit about this dimension. Hopefully this whole dimension isn't like this. I don't know steps here and knock on the. Oh just just swung open okay. Anybody home hello There's no answer peaked. My head in. Here oh i think oh oh he hit it. Just hit me as a really not a great smell okay. But i'm looking inside. I think i see jack stroke. But he's is he. Hey are you. Okay hey oh. I think something may be wrong here. Okay the stroh sauce lifeless body. that's a still feels a little warm. Were where did it's not war. Remain alive but you should know. Kill them several days. Okay hollow graham jack strobe. I didn't hear you activate. No that wasn't shown. I watch the the crime. I read newer tech novels that the murderer often returns zia the crime. Not okay i for the first person i think back now. Okay therefore you are okay. And i called the rate first off not a murderer. I have never set foot in this trailer nor this entire trailer park before today before moments ago all those as our exactly whatever say. I'm sure it is okay. This is also. You appear to be strobe are you. Some kind of artificial. Intelligence officials don't l. k Are you actually gesture jober. Do you just look and sound exactly like Been hologram many of his memories as his last checkpoint which unfortunately was a month ago. But i do have most of his time doubt for mary's face plus knowledge thing. That's great. what should i call you. You can call me jack. Strove find jack strobe. I'm just gonna head out I don't think there's anything i can do here. Her the knock on the door opened up now if you ever year murderer i don't think this guy here even got murdered. Well then first of all. I'm going to need some facts first of all you name effects your name. What's your name name is max. Max max was that show for max. Essential for anything. Your names just. Max max can be bothered with more syllables. That's fine you over that one. The call yes. Jack strove the whole graham gastro as natural checks out. That's right. he's not. Actually jackson object strobe. Is this guy here. the right. So here's the thing. I was going to ask you if you had any sort of connection to the deceased but it would appear that you already. At least his name. How do you know the deceased name. Sir what'd you say. Your name was max. What's that short for. Max wait now. we did. This dance already. Haven't we the charles the hotel coup. You see what i'm saying. Pal is it. Max how do you know this. Man right yeah. How do i know this guy. When i did say earlier that i've never set foot on this trailer park nor in this very strong for yourself. That's what i told. Jester polygram here. So obviously i met jetro outside of the trailer park somewhere else. We used to work together was we were. Coworkers workers bud me first of all. Where am i. Man is second of all my name actually. This is probably seventh of all. Because i've done a few things. But since i came in here but regardless of what number it is the name is dirk dirk pflueger. Oh excellent detective pflueger perfect yet. Detective works too friendly thing. But you know what i can be bad cop. It's alright this is great a respected member of the local community. I'm so glad you're here because obviously what's happened here is this hologram has confused me for somebody else. I've never been in here before. I was coming here to meet the locals and to check out the local scene and i knocked on the door and it was open and this guy was just here unfortunately deceased so blessed with all of the deceased memories up to about a month ago it's loosely. Drew that max of jack. That's lease a lot onset. They were in a sales. I should say we were stable organization together and jack myself basically stole a bunch of clients from match max mad thing not a theft investigator or fraud investigator. Really a good thing. I'm not any of those. I only specified justin murder. So even if you confess to like any number of crimes today doesn't matter anyway. You're dead continue. So in addition to seal the number of max clients the best terms. Well nothing illegal about that. Last part i did not murder him though. Listen archie gonna like look for evidence or something. I think you'll find that. There's no evidence here that i committed any crime. Well first of all sunny. I wanna let you now something you probably already as everybody knows the first three rules of motor investigation. That's right location. Location location those the rules of real estate and your in the location that i'm in right now which means you're on the location of the dead body. I just wanted to touch base with everyone in my location before i started investigating my location. That's right rule number two location now. We'll get to number three. After i finished examining the location. Is this murder investigation. Is this real estate. It'd be surprised. I often the crossover. Now here's the thing sunny boy. I'm gonna need you to give the facts. Jack. that's right. the facts two of 'em specifically on facts. I wanted to give me something. That's not if that that's something that delight. i want to give me true truths. I don't wanna give me lie. Doesn't have to necessarily be in that order. In fact it's a lot more fun if it's not hanging you said santa boy and you also said jack are you talking. Which one of us were you talking to all right jack in the colloquial sense your jack. Not jack okay. It's also a little confusing because he keeps popping his hologram around the room. Kind of just seemingly randomly chevy stranded like throw me off balance. I appears you are armed straight. I on on low point a gun at your right now. Hey click sound that. We all heard just now wasn't enough to see new. Don't as me bro. listen. I'm gonna slowly take off my backpack through and weapons. What i would add. Is there for self defense. Only i'm setting it down. You can see had no other weapons. I'm not holes during anything we lift up my shirt. Oh wow in fact. I would've asked feed and not do that actually. Wow that's okay. well. I don't really need to see the bag now. Obviously not a threat out law to facts and in fact that's right son sunny boy sunny jack sunny. Just sorry i'll stop saying can fusing because he's jaclyn. You're jack you know what i'm saying. Third base. i'll call you jeremy. You okay with that max Short sounds great. Go ahead jeff. Okay sure fact number one. I am from the city of seattle. Sounders made up but go on fact or maybe not fact number two. I'm recording this whole conversation. That's felony Fact or possibly not fact number three is that i am a professional wrestler right. Now i'm not gonna guess which one of those is alive. Make sure that's clear. I'm just entering all of these into evidence. Now if any of this ends up being used in court and proving a detriment to the prosecution case you'll be fine and prison basically ally investigate that age. Old tactic called entrapment background. Check him and find the wasn't special wrestler. Say wow boylans like honestly can be any number of those. He's real good at this game. But here's what i wanna know maxi boy. That's right. jeremy. Mr travis boy. Here's the thing. What is that hold on the refrigerator. Handle this yeah. I see it as a smudge. A duck smudge looks like some kind of greece on the inside of the refrigerator handle jack but you know anything about this snow. I literally just walked in. Jack jack jack. The one that goes and i can see i around paper. Well that's is that it's not gonna happen any then let me just skirt that different part of the handle it all right Listen to him just showed up here. Maybe we should like. I dunno go to the neighbors and see if any of them saw anything well i was going to make a bit of a more thorough investigation. The contents of this fridge but a pretty much everything. I need to know by now. This cottage cheese shouldn't be this keller. I'm interested in knowing the neighbors of scene because they saw you coming. Maybe they saw going. You know what. I'm saying you probably. That's all right well. I'm just going to walk out the front door here. It's important to get a good smell surroundings. Hey wait a minute. That dollar game. Follow us out of the trailer. Whatever did you like activate upon his death. You knew how long he's been dead for would add as two and a half days. Couldn't have been meek. Because i just showed up. Well can you prove your absence grooving negative. That's another classic law enforcement technique. Ask him to prove a negative. They never can just like you can't right now. Say what's up nope. That's a raccoon. That's just the shoe. i think that's i'm sure that if you speak to the neighbors and the other surrounding trailers none of them will have seen me lough our next door. Who don't mind me interrupting you sir. But obviously you're man coming in and out of your neighbors house recently in the last couple of days does he have. Is this your watch. What i don't know know. I've never seen this guy before my wait a minute. You kind of millions. Talk hussein. sucks out that you look like this guy here. It's hologram year. You look a lot like him for like old wrinkly and gray suspicion seems a little suspicious itself them at. Can't you see that man in there. Who seems to be slightly transparent. It's probably just the drapes obviously has long. Yeah okay so you noticed. I think that's another hologram. Oh i just madrid. Give people the benefit of the third a bother. You say you need to your. He's a fraudster. What's reported to the landscaping crimes. Yeah that's right. This guy only does murder so there. We should be back with you in about a month now to the business at hand. This particular grizzly marta. The man inside that trailer right there. He's dead. I know crazy right now. She's still watching us through the window. I mean it's a big window. I you don't usually see bay-windows like that on mobile homes you do you. Hey you seem like you're living your best life. I don't think he's living any life. I'm telling you he's a hologram. There you can do it. Sturdy admits that he is allah. Graham who's gonna take me flesh and blood human or these holograms whole auster. That's right also. Have you taken a look at this long. It really does look needs mode does not my problem. That's landscaping crafts departments problem. Now i want you to really grasp and just take in the gravity situation. Meant that gentleman is dead. His goose is cooked. Yeah i understand. Ganders been pandered i understand. I'm the one who discovered the body. Now you just you discover the body. That is a real fun way to say it's not fun. It wasn't fun it's reached in there. I don't understand how you didn't seem to notice it at all just walked right in there. Listen here sonny. I've smelled death more times than you could ever dream okay. It's dark and it's changed me as a person. Listen we got to get ourselves back into that trailer right now and investigate the premises just a little bit more. Okay fine now really wreaks it yet. You heard mashed always gets his man and you sir. Are that man. Unless as i suspect you yourselves are in fact another hologram chest. Why why have. I just like that. Oh well that's the easy part of police works on terminating. Whether or not a person standing right in front of you is or is not a hologram. Listen i didn't murder. This guy doesn't look like he's been murdered. I don't see any evidence of actual trump shoot. I should look at the body lipstick on his collar. On my caller. What kind of color lipstick do you wear. I wear lipstick This trailer is packed to the gills with holographic projectors apparently surely there's also like some kind of cameras recording system like surveillance footage. You could just access and see what exactly what happened at good league jack here myself. Change the password since the last check was the face for this. This this this this right here. He can see that says my secret crush thoughts. I thought at every crush. I've ever had as jack in there. Were a lot of and none of them were the right answer. Well let me This is when the deductive powers that i developed over many years of training. Come into play. Hang on let me try something go that was it. Oh what do i. It was orange crush. That's not even secret. That's like the most popular flavor gone with grape strawberry. Those are secret. No one knows about those terrible hen. Man i mean i know it. Wasn't you technically orange crush. Well all right now time. For the moment of truth we're going to hit that play button and watch. That was the wrong button. That does that well the fact that you were the one who pointed me to this file tells me some you you're on the right value. Hit the wrong button. All right five like little. Try mother mom. That's a lady. I mean that's your mom or lady than you'll ever be what is happening now. Did you get the wrong file again. Somehow i guess that's our trailer jetro. I really need to call more often. Looks real excited to see jack. Oh wow oh they're just going right into it right into it. Oh berkeley i thought standards were a bit high o. k. o. But everyone seems to stop moving. She fall asleep well on top of him kissing and then moving to see my flesh twitching. I can barely see that. Most of your body is covered by mrs lugar. There ever got a romantic as. I'm starting to think not hit fast forward. Just hours of detective. Luger's mom laying on top of jack strove. She is a heavy sleeper. She moves she so slow down. Look or well. I mean how do those count is usually an presumably. They don't usually end with him. Being smothered to death. We stopped short death now. I'll be honest. I probably should have recognized that purview. When i first walked in here i've never known another woman to wear. How would you. How did you make a perfume smell in this place. I've got the nose of links or a similar creature. Obviously i did not murder this man. I reluctantly agree that this is probably go well. You would be. If i hadn't cut you in a blatant bald faced lie directly to law enforcement's that's right earlier on you told me. This whole conversation was being recorded. And i know that's a felony and you don't seem like you got the guts to actually do that sir. Unfortunately i'm going to have to take you in downtown ri- right okay. When are we just step outside. Probably yeah that's where my car is. Okay i'm good. I trust you on that. No need to restrain you. Well i guess we'll see. I'll see you later. Probably not hologram. Jack strobe justice system that Sorry about your untimely demise. But alex honestly it's kinda beautiful when you think about it not when you watch it but when you think about it sure to see active considering get your own mother. I should call him anyway. Maxima all right all right all right guys over there. It's that black and white one all pretty lights sometime all right all right here. I'll let me get in the back from the shut. That door on your there all right you be there right. There have gone one again. They're all gone. Jack leisurely stroll around to the driver's side door. Well anyway here i am. Just oh here. Is that a podcast. Podcast boy is he. I think he may be my mother to raise standards. Okay exit this seeings. That's probably a good idea to push the button on my remote here puerto goes to another dimension. Which is where i'm from. I guess i could have mentioned earlier. Would have been a pretty solid alibi anyway. I'm gonna head back to my own dimension a bit of a mess. Sorry about that. Yes i am. You've got a lot on your shoe. What was screaming allah right. You can hear that's right. Yeah you the audio portal connection there. So no how right is a porta was opening up. You told me that my excavator was here right. Uh-huh and what did you call it about. Gatt yeah i mean that is that is what it is but You shouldn't have said that as the portal was opening. Oh what did you have to fight off a giant bob cat or something. Unfortunately in the other dimension pflueger met his demise at the very large pause of a seemingly. Rabid bob cat. Oh my wow. I think we'll have to be a little more careful when we're opening the portal. You think wow yeah. I feel bad about this. You should feel bad. It was distressing. Also by the way you were dead in that other dimension. So why bob cat killed me to no. No no no. I'll tell you later anyway. Everything's all shutdown. Hopefully things go a little bit better next week. Patrons from the multi is produced by by tim. Ellis starring. jerry are willing as jack. But just the bloating strobe and tim ellis as memphis with special guest. Peter ellis as detective. Dirk pflueger the music by lv logo by age. Mit enjoying this podcast. Notice how it doesn't have any ads want to help keep it that way. Support us on patriots where you'll get exclusive. Bonus content like brainstorming sessions peaks behind the scenes sweet birch and extended additions of the show. Also be sure to follow us on twitter at dispatches at them and visit us online at dispatches dot Hello yes sorry right. Sounds like you sick call back later. How much aside. I only have so many voices see it. Sound like we've got you dead to rights and also sounds like i'm getting increasingly southern dialed outback. Orange eighties jokes. That belinda hold on now. That raccoon is back. I swear it eight that whole shoe earlier but it really seems to be eating the exact same shoe and not just like the left version of like the right shoe eight early. I swear that raccoons just fully devouring the same shoe at already. You know what maybe. There's a lot of the same shoe in the neighborhood. I'm not going to get too involved with it. Let's go back in the trailer.

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