A highlight from LCB Ep. 378 - Snake Eyes Review, New Dune Trailer, Brendan Hunt (Ted Lasso) Interview, and Team USA Olympics Acting Team Draft


Bars loves three. Seventy eight jeff conjectural. Wallin's talk in snake is also got an interview with brendan hunt who you will recognize as assistant coach coach beard from ted lasso. Which i've i. We got sent screeners for ted lasso. We got the whole season. What you guys got whatever. It's not finished once you get to episode five and six. The green screen effects are not finished. L. it's pre- like with heels. Yeah yes they start back episode five. I'm like man. This looks like ass. And then i didn't realize it at first and i was like holy shit. The crowd is cgi. The crowd is like the proven crowd. So i stopped. This is a sign to not burn through the whole thing the whole thing in in in one sense we have that snake eyes And we we have an interview for the olympics. So we're gonna be doing a team. Usa acting teams the best best to to actors comedic drama to actresses comedic drama and then a director best americans. And when you do when you do when you search. Best comedic actor actress for america. The list google's mostly canadian people. Yeah it canada as like a monopoly on Other than that what's what's going on. I'm down bad my favorite basketball team team. Usa basketball off today. So i'm sad. I'm upset do you think that we saw we really stink. But you need. This needs to happen in order for there to be a redeemed team moment life cycle. You're right like you can't have redeemed team if every team is the dream team and they're also working with with an issue that the last three teams didn't have they've had significantly less time together. Cova pushed the season right up against the window of when it started And they don't have the best guys. It's the least amount of all nba players. They've ever had So yeah brutal brutal. You just shouldn't be losing team. That like their top. Scorers like evan forte. That's just not shouldn't be what happens. We'll we'll see what happens. The rest of the way francis will be one of the better teams they play. But jesus i mean they missed so many. Oh it was like drought as an mba champion. Shutout the jrue holiday top-scorer haughty can't be your guy. He's grill a really good player. But these teams like katie's got to fucking. We'd bet like that has to be. Yeah so if. I was the coach of team. Usa simply just go get lebron. Yeah there's a lot of people on twitter who are blaming popovich. Because this pops. His is the first non coach k. olympic team since athens.

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