Professor Paul Kengor Writes a Remarkable Review of 'American Marxism'


Professor. Paul Kengor is an expert on communism is an expert on the Cold War. He spent a lifetime studying this. He's from Grove City. And not at my request, he wrote a review that appeared today in the American Spectator, The American Spectator. Is an iconic Publication and our website. By one of the great Conservatives really in modern times. Bob. Terrible. And who has been so important in so many ways to so many people. I don't want to give you a taste of what Professor King, Gore said, given his unique position. And I Some of you believe me in some of you on but I'm not reading this for the praise. I'm reading it for the analysis, okay? Go to Amazon and type in Mark Levin, American Marxism and you'll find the number one best selling book in the country, with hundreds of reviews and mere weeks. Even more impressive. It's rated 4.9 out of five stars. Clearly something is up. It's not just Levine's name is platform as he raised his huge radio show his life, Liberty and Love, inch on the Fox News Channel or his previous best sellers. What's up is what Levin has tapped into with this particular book, American Marxism. What's up is unfortunately, American Marxism. This is not American Marxism in the form that this nation long ago dealt with. This is not the American Marxism of the past century in the style of the standard. Of the former standard bearers Gus Hall, Alger Hiss, the Rosenbergs, the Hollywood 10 and so forth. No, that was really Soviet Marxism. Those guys and gals of Communist Party USA swore a literal loyalty oath to Stalin's

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