CDC Says New Science Caused Change in Mask Guidance


Their mask guidance as we hear from a B C's Eva Pilgrim, the CDC advising the fully vaccinated people return to wearing masks indoors in areas of high transmission as cases climb around the country. This was not something that we took lightly, and something that I know weighs heavily with me and with all of America director Molinski, citing New science that shows even some vaccinated people can transmit the delta vary it the data showing, though, that the vaccine reduces the risk of getting the virus, seven fold and the risk of being hospitalized. 20 fold. The CDC also recommending kids and teachers returned to school in the fall with everyone masked even if they're vaccinated, a reverse from guidance given just two weeks ago. The new guidance coming his parents across the country protest mask mandates in schools, but the head of one the largest teachers unions in the country standing by the new guidance. Obviously we're going to embrace the science, but you know it's it's with great reluctance that we have to put our mass back on the variant now responsible for an estimated eight in 10 cases as we learn who is in those hard hit hospitals. ABC calling 50 hospitals in 17 states of the 271 Covid patients in the ICU 255 were not vaccinated. I see you doctors telling ABC News the vast majority of vaccinated patients in their ICUs had underlying conditions or weakened immune systems with more than 156 million Americans fully vaccinated nationwide. Approximately 153,000 symptomatic breakthrough cases have occurred representing less than 1% of those fully vaccinated, according to an unpublished internal CDC document obtained by ABC News overnight. Pfizer's CEO Albert Bourla, making the case for booster shots. Saying Some studies suggest the delta variant challenges the vaccine's protection after six months talking to former White

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