Galápagos Tortoise Found Alive From Species Thought to Be Extinct


Found in the Galapagos is a member of a species thought to have gone extinct 112 years ago. Evidently not. So how do they not know this? The Fernandina Island giant tortoise thought to have disappeared 112 years ago was a female scientists say. So now the race is on to find a male As if they could make some more baby turtles. Then they won't become extinct, so they figure well, if there's a female there, there's probably male two. There's probably several more of these. It's an island. When you think that how hard is it to find a giant tortoise on an island? When they could be that tough. Rediscovering this lost species. We're told, may have occurred just in the nick of time to save it. This is from Dr James Gibbs, Vice President of Science and conservation for the Galapagos Conservancy. We now we urgently need to complete the search of the island to find other tortoises.

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