A highlight from Introducing: Reasonably Shady


This is just alle bryant. And i'm rob dixon and you might know us from bravo's the real housewives of potomac as the green band and we're the host of reasonably shading on the black effect podcast network. You don't wanna miss it. We're so reasonable. We're so shady and you're gonna love it. You think you know us from watching us on the show but there's so much more to us. There's so much more to our relationship. There's so much more that we want to share with you eighth grade. I am drinking mad. Dog twenty twenty and eighth grade. You need to get to high school yet. So you was a cigarette drunk and i was smoking and you were smoking. Robbing in eighth grade. Robin dixon cannot come around my kids. I'm here she's got some bad values. I am the reasonable one. Clearly if you watched the show you know a little bit about us and my fellow green. Banded over here you know. She's the shady one so talking to us is like talking to your best girlfriend and you're going to have a ladder kiki's with a reasonably shea. You don't wanna miss it. Because reasonably shady is debut. Wayne

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