Trump, West Allis And Tri City National Bank discussed on Mark Belling


And we need to think about that. We'll take a quick break coming up right around the corner. We're going to shift focus, and we're gonna get into the origins of co vid 19 coronavirus. Troubling information now coming out. I'll tell you this. It all boils down to this, Trump warned You. His high ranking officials in his administration warned you and here we are. Asking some very serious questions. We're gonna get into all that in just a bit. It's the Friday afternoon show yours truly mad. Kittle Hang on. It's time for rapid traffickers in West Allis, or with an accident. 108th and Cleveland 43 headed South bound tight from Hampton all the way into downtown. A lot of that, from an earlier accident. North bound delays found elect a center than jammed Hampton to Bender. Westbound on 94 year tight from 27 to Mitchell Boulevard. South bound 41 45 from Berlin to Mayfair. If you see any issues called the Tri City National Bank, your hometown bank Total traffic tip line. 414944 51 11. This report is sponsored by Mattress firm It's Mattress firm's best Memorial Day sale ever for a limited time save up to $500 on top rated mattress brands like Ceiling and Sleepy's Summer's here and we're all

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