Elizabeth Warren, JPMorgan CEO Spar Over Overdraft Fees at Senate Hearing


Senate Banking Committee heard from CEOs of the sixth largest American banks. They were pressed about boosting lending, raising wages and diversifying stuff. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren noted the JP Morgan Chase made almost $1.5 billion from overdraft last year. She pressed JP moving Jamie Diamond and called him quote the start of the overdraft show. So here's the thing. You and your colleagues come in today to talk about how you stepped up and took care of customers during the pandemic, and it's a bunch of baloney. In fact, it's about $4 billion worth of baloney, but you could fix that right now. FBI See, reports said banks thrive through the pandemic. The industry generated a record $76.8 billion in profits during the first quarter. Democrats wonder why more of that money isn't going to middle class and low income families. They look for more answers. Tomorrow is all street, Sears testified before the House Financial Services Committee. It

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