A highlight from Ep 427 | The Hidden Corruption of the United Nations | Guest: Hillel Neuer


Hey guys welcome cheerleader relatable. Today i am talking to level noyer. He is the executive director of you. N. watch united nations watch and we are going to talk all about the un today. It is not adjust this innocuous body that is trying to preserve human rights and peace throughout the world is actually rife with corruption that we need to know about in there are things that we can do about this and the first step is awareness and he is going to make us very aware of what is going on in the united nations even in the who it's attached bodies and where the united states comes in in all of this and then at the end. I also wanna give kind of a world view application on to all of this because there was so much. I was thinking about this conversation that i wanted to talk about just quickly from a biblical perspective. I've been following mr noyer for a very long time. The one in him to come on the podcast for a very long time just amazing insightful and brave person so i'm very very excited beatles into this conversation without further ado here is allowed lawyer. Mr thank you so much for joining me for people who may not be familiar. Can you tell us who you are and what you do sure. My name is go nuclear. And i directed organization called u. n. Watch which is based in geneva. Switzerland and mission is to monitor the united nations and world it accountable to the are sick of its own charter. We also promote human rights pearl. And how did you get into this line of work. Well i'm bite my training is. I was a lawyer before that i was. I was in new york city for a few years. Working for a large firm adding litigation commercialization but also civil rights work and before that i had studied law and politics and was active working at a think tank and writing about political issues so human rights law politics international affairs were always fascination for me and this job was available and it was the right thing for me a lot of people when they think about the united nations probably the average in average american thinks about it. I'm very neutral terms. That are maybe even in very benevolent terms that it's just this body of countries coming together for the wellbeing of the whole world. But in you. I learned that there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes at the un and we don't know about Can you talk about kind of just the mischaracterization that people have about united nations in their head on in why just in summary those assumptions about. Unbc this good forced for For humanity is wrong well know. The united nations was founded with great ideals with great vision. Franklin delano roosevelt was not alive when it was created but it was people surrounding him. Who had the vision to create the united nations so it came out of world war two time of of genocide in war and destruction in mass murder and the united nations was supposed to be an an end to that and it was. It was founded to reaffirm faith in in human dignity and fundamental freedoms and human rights. Actually eleanor roosevelt was the founding chair of the un commission on human rights in the this thing called unicef which is the un children spun which he blew grew up in the fifties go round in their neighborhoods with little blue boxes in raising money for unicef f so it began with great ideals with idealistic people. I mentioned eleanor. Roosevelt founding chair of the commissioner human rights. And i think that the us still benefits in many ways from that from that ideal but the reality is that if eleanor roosevelt was the founding chair of the un commissioner even writes in nineteen forty six in two thousand and three. The chair was the representative of colonel kadhafi's mass murdering libyan regime so nineteen six. Eleanor roosevelt. Two thousand three colonel moammar kadhafi the rising human rights. Un many people around the world today specially in europe but in other countries in canada. I think it parts of the united states still when they hear the words. The united nations human rights council decided they imagine men in white rose with long white beards. Strolling along mount olympus making their decisions based on facts logic morality when ali nothing could be further from the truth sitting around the table today at the united nations human rights council which is the new improved supposedly improved version of what. Eleanor roosevelt chaired. Back in ninety six sitting around the table are not aristotle. Socrates plato but in fact Qaddafi castro house of saud the members today that joined recently include. The chinese communist party is one member human rights council russia's putin regime venezuela's maduro regime and cuba's communist regime. These are sixty percent of today's human rights council activated nations. Tell me how this happened. I know there's probably a lot that goes into it. But how did that happen over a span of just a few decades going from eleanor roosevelt to the representative of a terrorist regime being the head of the united nations. Human rights council will happen. I i think when the un was founded. They didn't exactly know how. Let's

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