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Nfl we've got a huge night in the nba on espn at ten eastern lebron james versus steph curry with a playoff spot on the line coming up with the best week seventeen. Nfl playing games of all time. But before we get all of the stars swag oop you start us off ritz. Matching the nfl. Start would you most want to see it. Play in game it for me. Is patrick mahomes in aaron rodgers. Listen i don't know the hell hair. Rogers go place but i would love to see him square off against patrick mahomes because those are two gunslingers to acknowledged as the best in the league. I wanna see them to dude square all man. Marcus like i feel you there I completely agree with the idea of homes And rodgers man like mahomes and brady right now every single time. I just get excited for it. You know it's going to be awesome. It is must watch must the entertainment. It doesn't matter if your football and you know you're tuning in for that greatness and we know right now. Tom brady owns that match up. Because of the most recent super bowl. You know patrick will come for that. What's up fellas glad to be here. I'll take y'all got confused on the assignment can't play. I want to see tom. Brady and bill belichick guys have been twenty years. They've won super bowl together now. There's no love lost between. We got authentic genius defensive genius. Let's see who the real genius is. Baby i'll raise your one saturday because bill belichick eight making any tackles next year. That much is for sure. Davante adams facing off against jalen ramsey arguably the best wide receiver in the nfl versus arguably the best defensive. Back in the nfl. We saw a little bit last year. We give me sixty minutes of these to go head to head. You know jill ramsay will never back down from a challenge. Also know there's no defensive back that can shut down davante adams a touchdown making machine and with that we say hello to you you saw the crew already saw the guy's got marcus spears and jeff saturday another jeff jeff saturday field and let's get this thing in san francisco. Nba talk throughout the show. We're eventually be train. Lances time in the bay area but before he was taking third overall by the niners and the draft. The team had to make sure it's incumbent starter. Aware of the plan with forty nine general manager. John lynch saying this about telling jimmy garoppolo. They were planning on taking a quarterback. Here's the good news Jimmy we don't want you to go anywhere we want you to be here. Owners has made the commitment that we can do that. I'm sure you wanna be long-term guy. There's a flip side of that. You still could be because he's gonna have a chance to compete at earned that job and we're going to let that play out all right. So jeff darling. Imagine that you jimmy garoppolo and you're listening to john lynch. Your bank will be happy but would your mind your reaction be to that quote from john lynch. I love john lynch but i also the the way it starts. Here's the good wife walking san. I still stay in the house out. I'm rolling my eyes a little bit and i'm finding myself a new house has to understand. Of course forget the analogy. I just made because they want to keep it going. Jimmy still recognized certainly that he's got a really nice situation with the forty niners in terms of the roster and the ability to for him to put himself in a good situation. I understand. it's a tough spot for john lynch with that conversation. It's super awkward. Unsure jimmy garoppolo is looking at and saying yeah cool you cast me aside for somebody else that being said like from the self preservationists model which is what jimmy garoppolo has to face. At this point he understands that. Look i can go in here. I can play really well for the forty niners. I could potentially make it awkward for john lynch moving on to trae lance and i can move somewhere else get paid a lot of money and continue with my career by all means john lynch jimmy garoppolo of handled this very professionally today. Even if i'm sure garoppolo with a little bit of an iro when you hear as lynch say those words i think they're doing is masterful. You keeping jimmy. Garoppolo engage just in case trae. Lance isn't ready and tree. Lance doesn't have a lot of snaps in the last two years so you still keep the guy that you at least know can operate this offense at the level you you would want it to. You're trying to take it to the next level which lands but the bottom line is when you trade it all that stuff away and went up to three. You told jimmy garoppolo. He was no longer your future. And no longer. Your quarterback started because i remember and saying we wanted to train up to get a starter period so trey lands. If is not week one. It'll be soon the capital that you've given up you already know who jimmy garoppolo is. You've been around long enough to understand that he can play at a level good enough to get you far in this league. But you're trying to win a super bowl and i keep reiterating. The people guys trae lance was drafted to win a super bowl because the san francisco forty niners have already been there with jimmy garoppolo and they just didn't close the door and get it done so the conventional thought the conventional wisdom. Is that when you trade up to get a quarterback he's the god is gonna take you over the hump couldn't do it with matt ryan couldn't do it with jimmy garoppolo. He's hoping trae lenses. That guy i agree with the whole tray lance team. That is just gave me though. They think the timing is wrong. I think jimmy jimmy. Jeez team for this year. Old movie major league baseball movie talks about. We got one thing to do. Go win at all. That's what jimmy. Jeez got be thinking. It is uncomfortable as you could possibly make it right. Go gets right. And here's the crazy part. We keep talking about jimmy g. This guy was in the super bowl two years ago. He missed one. Throw the could have patrick mahomes legacy all kinds of messed up. So i understand that. He may not be the future but he is their president. John lynch understands that. Keep him excited about being the starting quarterback and then when lance is ready then you bring him in. Here's the thing about lance. He hadn't played much college football. He didn't play at all but one game last season. So it's gonna take him time to get inundated into the nfl. Don't hurry because your roster is the best rate you were you were. You gave it all the way to get that third pig but your team and your roster has a chance to win right now strike while the iron talk with jimmy g. then trae lance in the future. I think it all works out. Great for john lynch if they just play with patients understanding. He gives you the best chance to win. Now okay. we're going to go and take the gloves off. Have a fight right now. I've been listening to the super bowl scenario about the one mis-throw there was a lot of time in between that throw share rest of the plane. Begged jimmy garoppolo. Close the door. Listen i'm not saying. Jimmy didn't play well but i get it the throat may you will. Sanders is what everybody brings up. That was about a twenty fifteen twenty minutes stretch in the middle of that. What san francisco forty niners offense couldn't create anything. I'm hoping that's what kind of share and thinking about where he's looking at that particular day. Yes you are absolutely right. Listen saturday about that throat. And the legacy of patrick mahomes being different. But jimmy garoppolo had amount of time in between the last play between that time that throw. Where if you potentially have any league quarterback. I'll tell you this if it was patrick mahomes in that situation.

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