Who Was San Jose Suspect Samuel Cassidy? Ex-Wife Details Anger Problems


Authorities are looking for a motive in the mass shooting at a San Jose rail yard well an ex wife says the gunmen had a hot temper law enforcement sources say the fifty seven year old gunmen killed eight people before taking his own life records show Sam Cassidy worked maintenance at the valley Transportation Authority light rail facility county sheriff Laurie Smith there is active shooting going on at that time there were victim shot in two separate buildings the woman Cassidy divorced in two thousand five says he had grievances and he used to tell her he wanted to kill people at work but she never believed him until now Santa Clara county district attorney Jeff Rosen says workers families huddled together waiting for word it's awful and it's wrong and people are learning for the first time that they've lost their husband or their their spouse or their brother or his office will investigate if any warning signs were missed I'm Jackie Quinn

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