Simmons Leads 76ers Past Wizards; Westbrook Injured


Points a game wizards go, Logan says. I'm not gonna say this is your fault. But the, uh well, you know what the Sixers playing good defense, the Wizards or not Right now, one of 7 to 83 Can the Sixers in control of this one just under eight minutes to go, Davis Bird thons fouling out of this game with you. No points, two rebounds. Russell Westbrook is out with the hurt his ankle. He has gone back to the locker room. Bradley Beal has 33 points. But this thing is pretty much over one of 7 83 Joel Embiid Ben Simmons each have 22 on the night for Philadelphia looking and take a 20 seriously before they come back to Capitol wondering on Saturday, which, by the way will be at the 50% capacity. So about 10,000 fans in the stands at the Wizard's going to need it is they're gonna be down. Oh to the

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