A highlight from Passing Shot meets... Lewis, founder of TNNS Live Scores app on Helping fans stay on top of the always-on tennis calendar, Roger Federer's backhand and Christmas Day presents.


Came back with another Passing shop meets. And this time our guest. I feel is very much in the similar vein to us helping tennis. Fans stay on top. What feels like an endless endless amount of towards the atp atp wto's absolutely show. We're very pleased to have another special guest on today for passing shot meets episode and that is lewis. He founded the tennis live schools app earlier. This season to help tennis fans like you and me who listeners. So welcome onto the show lewis. I do believe you're joining us from quite far away today. So how you doing this morning. I believe is key. Yeah good thanks. Yeah no it's am down here so to the tricky times on the deal with the uk sang up. Go go big coffee. Loaded up so radio fantastic. Thank you so much for for getting up early to meet with us. I'm sure all our listeners. Appreciate that and i think you actually are most distant guest globally or geographically. So it's exciting making the short morgue label with each passing day. So you before we get into the business of the episode. I suppose. I just wonder if you could tell us annual and our listeners. A bit more about about yourself about maybe a your background and what led you to create a new life schools up fool for tennis. You're also bone in new zealand. Actually went over to australia and luke deficit seven years for universities have studied mechanical and aerospace engineering. Which was the different one. I'm now But yeah so state of the offensive anez and then just over. The last few years have actually been working in the app space Working on a few concepts With the team up in los angeles and then you have been back in new zealand for the last two years and sort of being locked down. Yeah during the pandemic and yeah the start of this year i think was like everyone else got that message on the old app that it wasn't gonna work from twenty twenty one and i guess kind of the perfect storm of deciding on that day you know do i. Do i want to build a replacement for this. And mike outfield was that something was going to be needed. Based on. you know the other apps were there in the market. So don't to gut it out and i've just been really struggled with. I guess how people received it and neither the intention of it really was. Just you know to help out you know. A few people stay across the live scores because there is so much tennis. It's really picked up beyond what i really had imagined. I mean just going back to that moment when you kind of. Got the notification all of us did the. Yeah the atp w taylor kozak was going to cease to exist. Why why you kind of thinking you know. This is an opportunity for crying out for someone to come in really kind of own. Ed with a gap where you kind of a bit more so sense of like. I can't believe that doing they sat satellite the one. Good thing i handled by phone. What was that your conversations guy. 'cause 'cause i for myself i was sort of a bit surprised because i genuinely thought that was a pretty good so piece of tech. The i went on my phone and use pretty much on a daily basis. Yeah and so. Like i had it on my fun. I think since i had like a smart fund. I'm at the core huge tennis fan of play tennis. All my life will follow tennis. As long as i can remember and that was always the app that i used in. Yeah i think it was on christmas eve. My time i got the message is just a bit confused given help that was among. I guess you know sued the fans and tennis But yeah certainly. I mean it was more of an emotional decision in the sense that you know something had to replace it And i was fortunate that you know i sort of i guess the tools to do it so yeah it really was just a case of trying to get something out to replace it and then you know after the drilling up and start to see that you know maybe there is an opportunity has taken a bit further and build something that people maybe have been asking for for for a while. Yeah i'd have to say as much as i loved the old a live scores up. I think tennis is a definite steph up in the game because you know it has so much more than eighty people out their own up and the wpa kind of followed suit eventually. But what is it about tennis about. Your app makes the difference. Why should a tennis fan essentially download. You'll want about above alive schools app. They're kind of on the market. I think i think at the core a couple of things i is that the The usability of it in terms of user experiences really simple and straightforward. It's very consistent with the old apps of people going into know exactly where to go to find things. But i think the the key thing is really the level of coverage in there so it's not just atp wj challenges. It's now about it. Then it's also got the slams We've also got exhibitions. So you know ultimate showdown next week. We've got coverage for that. So you know. I was sort of mapping it out of the side of the sierra will the different apps you'd have to have downloaded you know follow the slams the of the it f and exhibitions and it was sort of more than a handful of apps. And we've been able to really nail that down into one solid app. Yeah it's interesting. You talk about level of coverage. Because i do feel in the tennis calendar. There is so many tournaments out there. Now and justice you've got exhibitions you've got grand slams and when it comes to apps it can just it can just kind of take over your phone and i remember as good as the agp and live. Scores up his good as it was. It didn't do grand. Psalms newest found yourself in that sort of situation of downloading the australian open up for for two weeks and delete here and the wind will not for two weeks. And then deleting it and we'll say good about the tennis live. Scores act is the fact that it is literally all in one place. And you don't have to go through that sort of admin guess That comes with being a fine. It just makes it a lot a lot simpler. I mean did you feel like. Did you feel like that was sort of a really important thing to do. Was that sort of convenience. Given the let's be honest. Tennis is quite a fractious sport in the way it is set up. Who's sort of kind of bringing these jigsaw pieces together. Yeah absolutely. I think like the key thing is trying to bring all of tennis into one place. And that is general statement probably actually is impossible because so much trying to bring the key pots of tennyson. Like like i was saying. I love that aleppo. But they were things that unite felt for a while that maybe could have come into. That hadn't been of now in the process of bringing that in trying to bring together a more complete picture of what promises and with with regards to the app they walk features are are you trying to bring in. Obviously you've come a long way since since you first started up at the star of the air and already it's already not neef h. I've noticed as i've been using it and war is of the key things that you have done really elevator. And and what are the key things of currently working on to take again to the next level. So i think the first thing was bringing in the it itf coverage So that we did pretty early on when we switched out data provider Just because there were a lot of people who follow tennis really in depth who assert really really into that level of finding plaza of coming and sort of seeing them go through that journey and challenges them through to you know the to level and the other key thing is being that stream functionality. So basically this. There's a ton of really awesome tennis creators. in the form of unite. Like yourselves and podcasts. On people who do youtube videos people do live. Watch longs News articles as well. This like all this amazing content out there but there never really was a i guess an easy way for people to not only discover it but also engage with it regularly know.

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