The Fudge Factor and Semifinals

The Dive


Hello and welcome to the die presented by honda season. Five episode seventeen we just finished with the rumble stage and we're moving straight on to semifinals here. Although and penton are both not moving on recipes. Yeah that was a doozy of a group stage. There's a lot to impact there. A lot of things happen. Great yes love to talk about it. I mean you could start feel free. You'll yeah looking forward to talking i. I'm not happy to talk about it. That's sucked i'm sad. I'm super said it was a really really weird we're tournament. I think that's what a lot of people are talking about with them. exiting is. How good are they really. Because they were able to take games off the korea and chinese number one seats but then they also lost to no festive. Probably one of the weakest round robin opponents to make it an msi. So it's really hard to judge. You know how good they really were. Yeah and so it was a really weird and then like the way that it all went out with losing that when it mattered. Most kind of thing like all that was. Just the most quintessential anything that you could. You could have happened. It's tough right. it's like for me. I think at the end of the day kind of tweeted this. I think people somewhat misunderstood what my point was. Took it more as an excuse. But it's like. I think that you know being being like really consistent and not making mistakes is just as important as your skill in leaning your team fighting your objective. Control your vision like these are. It's like an equal part of the game.

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