Why Jon Van Fleet Thrives in Poker Where Others Fail


This week's guest is john abe stalls vanfleet even one of the game's perennial crushes. He continues to grow and evolve in the game he recently started streaming on twitch and nearly instantly became one of the top stream as in poker. John's always good for some highly actionable wisdom so with that being said let's jump brighton. Joan welcome to the show. Happy to be here. And i wanted to have you back on the show. I'm so much is happening with twitch and with icr just your general success in the pike well we jump into all of that. I'd like to bring up. You know you've been in the poker world for a very long time in the nicest possible way you know. What do you think is allowed to be successful from that stage through still playing the begins now still having success now when no most everyone from the area's arison have moved out of the poco weld. What do you think the difference was. And what set. Jenny bean link. You know there's been a lot of ups and downs in poker in. I've i've fallen in pretty much every that that you can fall into when people ask me why survived when other people. Haven't i think it comes with a lot of things. I think it comes from the fact that i learned in the very beginning to put a system to the game to treat it like a business and to approach studying with a certain kind of intensity and i think that that ability to treat the game like a business is what helped me in the beginning but a lot of people did that right. I think what else helped me was. Just that like men. I like it the the pastor you know. I think that that's another thing i think. I just have a certain kind of stubbornness in increasing this Maybe i know if it's craziness exactly. But i do think to play at the highest stakes. Like i do that. You have to be of a certain kind of temperament

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