NFL Fines Jaguars, Cowboys, 49ers for OTA Violations


Or their O t a practice. What is that deal? I don't know. The story does not explain what's going on the Jaguars 49 years and Cowboys have all been fined. For organized team activity violations OTAs or the voluntary practices that we just had, which a lot of teams canceled. The Cowboys fined $100,000 Mike McCarthy was flying $50,000 Have you told me Mike McCarthy messed up? I believe you Okay, I believe you, but they practice in their fake punch a lot or something. But the school fig podcast. Come on. It doesn't It doesn't specifically say what they what they did wrong. Cowboys ordered to forfeit one Oh to practice during the first week of the 2022 off season, the Jags and Urban Meyer. Yeah, you got to clean it up because his penalties were more severe. Jags fined 200,000 Urban Meyer fined 100,000. They were ordered to forfeit to practices. Well, they were probably in full pads for urban's first Go came in. Line them up. Yeah. Oklahoma drill. Let's go. Uh, the Jag said in a statement that the club is quote vigilant about practicing within the ceiba rules and will re emphasize offseason training rules as they relate to contact. We look forward to the start of training camp later this month and blah, blah,

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