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Well as salt on oil and gas industry incentivize on both the federal and state levels a bit of welcome news for the practiced But for those of us who support and recognize the value of the industry. This as on tuesday yet a federal judge in louisiana blocking the biden administration's temporary ban on new leases to drill for oil and gas on public lands and ordered that lease sales continue the interior department. Saying yeah it would comply with the decision signaling that lee sales to drill in alaska and the gulf of mexico would likely resume at least for now eight. Oh nine thirteen ten. Kfi thirteen ten kfi k. a. dot com and just as important as oil and gas is in weld so it is in mesa county. The western slope joined this morning by. Diane swanky diana's president and ceo of the grand junction area chamber of commerce. Stand welcome to the show. Thank you thanks for having me. Yeah now first. Things first You guys finally out from under that excessive heat warning the first one is shoot in the state. Actually we're not. I was jealous. I was listening online. We're not going to be in the nineties. We're going hit again today. So but it's okay. It's alright it's all good. Okay exactly so wanted to get your take on this The fact that That that judge in louisiana did roll back that temporary ban on new leases to drill for oil and gas on public lands so that was absolutely the right decision that was made And they the biden administration had clearly violated the mineral leasing act and the outer continental shelf. Lands act And i remember when it initially can't rolled out participated in a us chamber A kind of conference call around us with some of my colleagues around the country and all of us were appalled by this so we are very happy that a judge did roll that back and Even though you know the administration argued that was a pause and so that was totally within the president's powers It clearly was not and it has major implications for those of us in western colorado. Where the vast majority of our oil and gas activity does take place on public lands. And it's interesting because my understanding of this and you can correct me on this. Diane is even if you bump up against a federal lands. It applied right right it was. It was very far-reaching. And and you know. I mean i you know i actually lived in weld county For your so back in the eighties. And so i'm a bit familiar with weld county versus mesa county where i live now in mesa county. You know over. Seventy percent of our land mass is public lands And then if you try an ad in you know lands that but the public lands. It's basically covers the entire county And we're not unique and it is one of the things. I noticed the difference between a weld county and you're a large county as well and a mesa county. I mean that's that's a lot of ground And other counties throughout the western slope have similar in fact you know some of our smaller counties or more like percent federal lands now western slope grand junction. And i'm getting in the way back machine here dianne but when i learned i had the opportunity to talk with you. I went back to that. Well the dark days of the oil shale bust and grand junction. You're you're no stranger to that Boom and bust economy. No not at all and in fact. my timing was good because i came just as we were starting to come out of that oil shale bust of the eighties and i thought this is great. I'm my wonderful. And then i managed to live to live through the two thousand eight for us about two thousand eighteen But we saw as well so this is a community. Frankly that is it. I can go even further back in the history books. We've had at least four or five of the boom bust cycles. Going all the way back to uranium in the fifties. I mean our our history is very much tied to mineral mineral extractions so It has even though we've been working to diversify it's still a big piece of our portfolio as as an economy and of course The effects of covid nineteen very far reaching reaching deep into the industry as well. Let's just say the antics from under the gold dome not helping on on the state level not helping things than either no and in fact. That's one of the. I've had some discussions with some folks who go. Well you know it. Nothing happened with the existing leases. And so you know. The producers could always worked their existing leases during this pas or whatever Future intentions might have been but the reality is when you couple. This was senate bill. One eighty one and there is a gentleman's agreement that's been extended that all of the state regulations do apply on federal lands when it comes to oil and gas leasing A lot of those leases now Are are a little bit difficult to work with in light of some of the new regulations. So that's why the opportunity to secure newly is really important for our producers out here on the western slope snow. I absolutely do you see this all out. And i can't think of a better way of describing this all out assault again both on the federal and state level ending anytime soon because it's part of a bigger picture now isn't it. It definitely is And we are seeing it both at the federal and the state level and honestly in light of some of the bills that we were actively fighting in the legislature this year as business groups across the state. I don't see it ending anytime soon. I think the bite an administration is just gearing up with our new interior secretary Potential you know. Blm nominee If you look at their backgrounds and you look at Kind of philosophies because a lot of that is public. I don't see it ending anytime soon. I think you know at the end of the day when it comes to the point where you can't afford to heat your home or you know. Natural gas is used for medical equipment and a lot of things outside of electrical generation. And you don't have the natural gas to do some of these things i think. That's when the tide might turn but when that might happen is anybody's guess well and you know you had the keystone pipeline owners after being a target for so long just finally thrown in the town saying we're done right and again we've we've seen that on a microcosm out here on the western slope when you look at who our producers are They are mostly small businesses. You know the the show the the names we all recognize the the chevrons and you know exxonmobil's and all the big multinational firms are pr- pretty much given up on colorado at this point And so and and again. This is something where you know. The commodities are located in various spots and business needs to be able to make a profit. They're gonna go where they can actually do that and do it in such a way that they can make a profit by and still provide these Utilities that we need. So it's it's it's a really interesting phenomenon that that The rhetoric i think Some of the claims of science and science have kind of swung. And i mean it's always a pendulum. I'm i'm i'm an optimist. I think at some point it's going to swing back and there's going to be a recognition that we we really do need an all of the above approach to energy that does include oil and gas But it's

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