A highlight from 714: TeeVee Sub-Show Update



Hey everybody it's jason snell. I run the incomparable. And if you're listening to this you are subscribed to the tv feed for years now. Tv has been the place where we put basically all sorts of different podcasts about various television shows and we are changing it up. We've been in the process of doing this for a little while. Now you may have noticed. A bunch of shows have disappeared from the main tv feed Biff became its own thing when it was the arrow cast before we had our star. Trek discovery vulcan. Hello it spun off into its own. Podcast dan morons complicated profession about the mandalorian became the complicated profession. Podcast and also covers other televised star. Wars the list goes on basically. We are going to keep the tv feet around as a place to do one offs and short runs and things that we're not really ready to commit to being a full on podcast. There's also a bunch of stuff there from listeners members of the incomparable who are doing their own things. That's all great but other stuff is moving out of there. And so today. I want to tell you about ted lasso. That's been moved. It's now part of football is life. It's got its own feed if you subscribe to the lasso feed. You're getting it if you just subscribe to the tv feed. You're not going to get any future episodes similarly my doctor who flash cast when doctor who comes back. It's not going to be in the tv feed. But if you're subscribe to the doctor who flash casts specific feed that will just carry over otherwise you're going to need to subscribe to that likewise greetings from the uncanny valley which is our westworld. Podcast when westworld comes back. That's not going to be in the tv feed. It's only going to be in the greetings from the uncanny valley feed and with all of these shows if you were subscribed to the one show only special feed. That was like a sub feed at the tv. Podcast you should not have any trouble it will get redirected and no problem but if you're getting this in the tv feed. That's not going to happen anymore. So definitely some of those shows are your favorites Subscribe to the official show version now. Because they won't be drifting into tv. Of course if you subscribe to the incomparable super feed where you get every show. We release an oh. It's a lot of shows. You're hearing this as well and you'll get these shows in that feed because they're still on the network they're just not going to be in the tv viewed proper. They're going to have their own little homes and then if you're a member the other thing that's going to happen is in about three months. We're going to do our last membership a out to host of a tv podcast and then we're going to turn that off entirely so the tv feed is going to go back to being just of not supportable by members. It'll be there for funds. Step if we want to and then what that also means is that all of these shows that have spun out of the tv feed if you're a member and you want support them you should go to your member page and update your support to check the boxes for the shows that you want to support directly. That's it thank you for listening to this exciting housekeeping. Note posing as a podcast. I appreciate you listening. And i'll talk to you later.

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