A highlight from Divide and Conquer: A Liminal Theme

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What about podcasts. And they got a bunch of stuff to talk about actually. So what is roy into it. Happened and thoughts. Yes ima kotani three or well. I think the first thing we can say as The pandemic has affected video game. I mean in general like they don't have many games ready yet and people are like e three sucked out. There was nothing there. And it's like yeah we have a pandemic going on things got slow down. the One of the things that people notice that. There's no plans. Do a zelda thirty fifth anniversary thing and i think that's probably because of covert like. The mario thirtieth anniversary happened because that was planned before kobe. I think they're going to work on the zelda thirty fifth last year and it just didn't happen so they did it was i think the skyward sword remake was announced that he three this year reign. It was announced lab of was announced that was announced in february. Okay or something about it. They just did like an update on right. Yeah they told they just mentioned it they they do have some zelda's stuff. They talked about the age of clamming. He's got some dlc coming out scoured swords coming out that's like their big zelda thirty fifth thing and they're doing a game and watch like they did with super mario brothers doing that for the legend of zelda. Cool kind of. I've already preordered it because it has links awakening the original link's awakening which is hard to light kit. Find these days so 'cause you can get link's awakening dx on the nintendo three d. s. e. shop or your company shop these days and you can get the new nintendo's link's awakening on switch but the original. This is like the first place you can get it right. Yeah that's really that's really cool Thing today announced and then they updated they let out of they released. Let help as if it's like gas or something. They released mario gulf the yes. The was it called. Mario golf super russia. I think yeah and so that's out. It's already yeah. I did see cool at all. Play that on youtube from one of my favorite youtubers and looks. I ordered winning physical

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