Who Was Franz Liszt?

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Eighteen eleven was called the year of the great comet because a comet lit up the sky for over nine months and eighteen eleven was when franz liszt was born this came from writing which is in austria now but back then it was part of the austro-hungarian empire lists father worked for the same hungarian prince haydn had worked for years earlier. He wasn't a professional musician but he played several instruments including the piano list was six. His father started giving him lessons and list played his first concert in public when he was nine. Local members of the nobility were so impressed that they paid for him to go steady in vienna. Which was the center of music there. He took lessons from carl czerny. Who had studied piano with beethoven when czerny saw how talented list was he started. Teaching him for free list also started studying composition and he had his first piece published when he was eleven after a while czerny told list he had nothing more to teach him so list and his family moved to paris when he tried to get into the paris conservatory. They wouldn't take him not because he wasn't good but because he wasn't french list continued to study privately and to give concerts around europe since he was also very religious. He thought about becoming a priest instead of a musician but his father said you belong to art. Not the church.

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