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Lord we just say thank you today. Oh god we glorify you today. Oh god we thank you that you are in the midst of us. Oh god we thank you father that you know our name. Oh god that you are everything that we need. God we wanna say thank you today father. Thank you for your love. Your outpouring of your presence. Oh god we just wanna say thank you more. We know that there are days. God minute moment guy that we are so undeserving of you. God you and your mercy and your great guy deemed a worthy. Shed your blood for us. Oh god that we got can be called your own and more are grateful today. This truly is a father's day. God because you are the ultimate father would and we want to say. Thank you in all things highly. I want to talk everyone today. We had a little talk about morning. Sunday school about understanding who god really and trusting him To you know when you when you are able to believe in someone ways because you trust them when you're able to believe what they say because you trust them because you know their character because you know you know the essence of the person. Amen there are some people that you just know. Based upon our experiences within the years that we have dealt within we understand their character. We know there are things that they are not going to do. Things that You know they will do and we. Could you know if someone comes to you and says hey you know sisters. His brother did this based upon what you know. Then you can pretty much say they are. They all have people like that in our lives and if we were on the bible study brian the other night you heard people you know Speaking about our pastors carrots. You're in things and and profits floors character and things that they have witnessed over the years and that assures them you know gives them confidence in who they are as women have gone in who they are as as as people who can pray for you and and really get a player through a man I need to talk back to today. Amen so i know we need ourselves holly mulia but amen every now own again. Just in I really i really am thankful to the lord because one thing i can say about god is that he changes not a man. He is the same yesterday today and forever more. So there's anybody's character that we can rely on it would be jesus amen. Can everyone hear me. Wanna make sure everyone can hear me. A man remiss. Wedding day holly julia. We understand that. In order to trust him we have to know him a man and in order to know them. You have to have a relationship with him. Amen and relationships are funding. You know more time you spend with the person the more you know about the person and you can spend years with someone and then be separated for years and get back together and it seems as though time has never passed. Have you ever had a friend like that. Might have grown up with them. When you were little guys talk hang right and it seems as though you know like happened and maybe sometimes you were separated but when you got back together it was just as if nothing ever changing you still still the little girl or the teenager or the young woman that were when you separated you all are even though you're maturing in your growing still having an intimate relationship right if it's like you never lost time like i have a friend like that like we haven't seen each other in some time but whenever we get together we can talk and it's like we haven't missed the beat. We just catching up right. And i know that you know. If i called on her she would be available even though we don't talk every day but what more of a relationship or knowing of god that we are not separated by space a man. We can talk to him and commune with him at any moment in time of the day. It's not a you know it's not a long distance. call me. maybe for somebody's hallelujah. But how do. Nevertheless the laura can afford our collect call. They may little and i saw him. If i call the laura collect or something like that You know call him up and tell them what you want if he didn't you know so things we sing when we're little is so funny. But you know what they were trying to say. Was you know what some of us are. A little distance aloof far off and but even in the distance and the far office the lord conceal miki amen. So today what i wanna talk about is called. I i i was speaking with. Profit is floors. I had to call her. Because i was reading in revelations. Can i ask for the sunday school. Those who were in sunday school to read revelation. Twenty one to really look at what the kingdom of god looks like right because we talked about god being love that he is love doesn't have those he is love. He is the very nature the very essence of love which is giving and shared amen. And how do we know that. The word says for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son gave you the very best that he had. He shares his kingdom with us. He gives us dominion rulership. He said let us make man in our enemies and our likeness he even shared his image and his likeness with you. That is love you know. And they'll every talk about how love correct right and how sometimes we can. We can hear a thing for so long and because the thing for so long that it becomes embedded in this part of our culture right but it doesn't necessarily mean that how you heard it or how was taught was the right way and one of the things we we made an example of was the rod of correction right. The bible says to spare the rod and spoil the child and for so long as in black community and black culture. We think that means you gotta walk somebody. Somebody getting the bell right. You don't if you act

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