A highlight from All Ball - Pt. 1: Georgia Tech HC Josh Pastner on, Walking On at Arizona, Lute Olson Lessons, Following Coach Cal


I'm doug ali ban. You are listening to all where Today's guest is head coach. Georgia tech josh pastor He'll take through his journey growing up in houston how his dad became a legend really kind of interesting humble beginnings and how he how he felt as part of a national championship team at arizona when he was a walk on who is working out. Allow the players that there's a a bunch of really good stuff in here it's a two-part interview this is part one and it's interesting because he just had a tremendous point guard finishes. Acc player of the year at georgia tech and the point guard has been wildly disgust. I've been told. I've been told time and again that position has changed. You can't play the way that you were taught to play and Then i give you chris paul now. Look chris paul. I mean average. Twenty five and ten part of it was the average. Twenty-five part of it was used planning backups. Part of it is you do luggage. You gotta score. You gotta keep the defense honest. But there's there's just a difference to how he plays as opposed to a a russell westbrook right the numbers look the same to the layman but the style is very very very very different and finally seeing a point. Guard the truce two point guards. Get the claim that he deserves because he finally got out of that second round and to this point is an injured is a great thing not a good thing a great thing. I guess the question is will ask this of coaches is. Does it change the way you evaluate the position. That chris paul this far in can still do it the way he's always done it ends pretty good question right. That's why i do what i do i. I would point out that they played banged up. Banged up teams. I mean that's fair. That's that's not in anywhere. An unfair commentary about How and why. They've been able to do what they've been able to do on the other hand like we're going to say that we got to point out that they completely and thoroughly what the hell out of I out of the denver nuggets and look they were. It felt like dead to rights beaten. But the mistake. That the lakers. Anthony davis got hurt in at the end of the first half of game. Four but the lakers rub two games to one and they couldn't kill their spirit like that was a big thing they just. They couldn't kill their spirit. And when you can't kill somebody spirit when you allow them to hang around and believe they have a chance to win a game these type of things. That oftentimes happen right. So i i think for monty williams. Considering all the people know the money williams lost like two years of college because he had heart issues right around. The hand gathers time they start tested people's hearts and they shut him down for like a year and a half. This really really happened. It's special for money. And you know. I believe it's pretty special for crispell considering how he's been viewed or how he's been portrayed by so many in that well he always gets hurt or you can't be a six foot guard and and do it anymore. Not that way. You gotta do it. The steph curry the trae young way i beg to differ still pretty special. Watch are more to come on that first. Let's get to our first part of our talk with josh pastor. The head coach at georgia tech. Okay

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