A highlight from The Summit We Were All Waiting For


Here's what you need to know. In politics. For wednesday june sixteenth twenty twenty one the summit between president biden and russian president. Putin is now over will break down what we learned from this historic meeting between two powerful nations after roughly four hours of both the american and russian delagation and their leaders. Being behind closed doors. We learned a bit from each leader independently about what happened. During this historic summit both leaders putin and biden described the summit as productive constructive threat tactics used to advance agendas putin said it was substantive and efficient while biden. Made sure to justify taking the meeting in the first place by saying there's no substitute for face to face meetings. But neither man seemed to be looking at today through rose colored glasses. This is not a coup by a moment as used to say back in the sixties united states. Like let's hug you love each other but it's clearly not in anybody's interest. Your countries remind for us to be in a situation where we're in a new cold war and i truly believe he thinks that both leaders indicated that they talked about human rights cybersecurity and ransomware tax among a whole host of other topics and both leaders agreed to start consultations on cybersecurity as well as having both the us ambassador for russia and the russian ambassador to the us returning to their respective capitals. Another item on their agenda that both leaders said they now will begin to work in earnest on is dealing with some of the american prisoners in russian. Jails and vice versa. Russians in american jobs prior to today's meeting white house. Aides had set expectations. A little low saying there would be no real deliverables coming out of the meeting and in fact president biden emerged with setting a rough six month timeline now to see if this baseline conversation actually produces a conductive relationship with real progress. What is going to happen next. We're going to be able to look back. Look ahead in three to six months and say did the things. We agree to sit down and try to work out. Did it work do we. Are we closer to a major strategic stability talks and and progress. That's going to be the test. Obviously the areas of potential cooperation or not as great as the areas of differences between these two leaders. One key area of difference is how vladimir putin describes and characterizes the insurrectionists of january sixth here in the united states people write it and went into the congress in the us with political demands and many people were declared criminals and they are Threatened with from twenty to twenty five years. We sympathize with what's happening in the states. But we do not wish that to happen. In russia a little later when president biden was asked for his reaction to those comments from putin he made clear he couldn't disagree more. That's ridiculous comparison is one thing for literally criminals to breakthrough coordin- go into the capitol. Kill a police officer and be held accountable. And that is for people of Marching on the capital. One saying you are not allowing me to speak freely and on the topic of human rights. President biden was asked specifically what he said to vladimir putin when it comes to the safety of russian opposition leader alexei navalny. What are you saying what happened. If opposition leader alexei navalny dies. I made it clear to him. That i believe the the consequences of that would be devastating for russia and at the very end. Abidance press conference my colleagues cnn chief. White house correspondent kaitlan collins pressed president biden if he indeed was having to optimistic a sense of what this summit brought forth because of everything putin said where he didn't back off one iota his commitment to prosecuting navalny his political opponents Or admit any blame or responsibility for ransomware tax were cybersecurity. Attacks on american elections biden. Got a little testy in his response to kaitlin at the end of the press conference and in a very rare move just a short while after that tense exchange the president had with kaitlan collins. He arrived on the tarmac ready to board the steps to air force one and instead of boardings airplane. He came over to the reporters on the tarmac for the specific purpose of apologizing for what he called being a wise guy in his last answer at the press conference to kaitlin. This major historic summit was the final moment in a week long trip. President biden's first trip abroad. As president of the united states and thing was crystal clear he was in his comfort zone. These are issues. He's been working on for decades and he is quite comfortable on the world stage even though he's new to this particular role as president. That's it for today's political briefing. Thanks so much for listening and please take a moment and be sure to follow us wherever you get your podcast. We'll talk to you tomorrow. did you know that. The nile river flows south to north. It's one of the fascinating things you'll learn in the nile. Five

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