Oakland City Council Considering A’s “Howard Terminal or Bust” Offer

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Vote whether to approve the A's proposal to build a new baseball stadium at Howard Terminal. They say Their waterfront proposal, which includes housing, a performance space and hotels will revitalize West Oakland, an area of the city that has historically suffered from gentrification and displacement by big infrastructure projects like bark. Freeways in the post office down there. Opponents say it will cost jobs at the port and argued that the stadium should be built to the Coliseum, where ample transportation infrastructure already exists. Ratcheting up the tension as the A's ultimatum that if they can't build on the waterfront, they will move away entirely, leaving Oakland without a major league sports team following the loss of the city's other teams. We'll hear about the plan at what it means for Oakland and Bay Area sports fans. First I want to bring Nina Thorsen, producer at KQED and the California report onto the show to give us a reset. Welcome to the show. Nina Hey, Alexis. Good to talk to you. So first, let's let's talk about the specific area where it is. I want to give listeners like a sort of mental map. Where exactly is Howard Terminal? So if you've ever taken a fairy and gotten off at the open side, it's immediately north of where the ferry terminal is right now and then in between Howard Terminal and, um, the rest of the port of Oakland. That's where Schnitzer Steel the steel factory is. So it's right on the water, and, um, right adjacent to the ferry terminal. And I think that's one of the things that makes this such a complicated location is on the one side. You've got the port and on the other side you've got Jack London is right right in between there. Sure, And I mean, I think this is the challenge inherent to anybody who's going to build. Any kind of new facility in an established city is you want to be close to things that are already there and places where people want to go, But that means you're going to be next to some people, and there's just a lot of complications involved for sure. Give us a quick recap

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