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The phoenix suns. According to the athletic will probably not have chris paul anytime soon. They don't have any games to play right now. But he has entered the nba's health and safety protocols he sidelined for an indefinite period of time according to the athletic his status up in the air for the start of the western conference finals. According to sources. Chris paul sons will face the winner of the jazz clippers series. That's tied at two games apiece. The nba is yet to release the conference finals schedule. But if a game a game seven is needed jazz-clippers. That'll be played on sunday. So tuesday would be game one. It looks like for the conference finals. No other word on this. Depending on the medical circumstance and isolation period could be shorter for a vaccinated. So that's the breaking news. That i have this morning and kobe is still grabbing players. Jon rahm cost him a victory at the memorial justin turner. The dodgers third baseman during the world series. It's still there. It's still lingering and this may have an effect on the phoenix suns. At least when they start the conference finals next week all right. I said yesterday this is where kevin durant needs to prove that. He's the best player in basketball. You need to have one of those games. He had one of those games and then some he was spectacular. Marvelous that everything you want. Big time player. A guy who hadn't played much the last two years coming off the worst injury you can possibly have as an athlete and he was great down the stretch and there hasn't really been a lot to knockabout kevin durant through his career. I know one point. The criticism was he needed to join a super team to win a championship. Which yes he joined the warriors to win a title but now he's on his own even though he was joining a super team. We're creating a super team in brooklyn last night. Felt like he was all alone. James harden was out there in name only got kyrie irving who still in street clothes but last night durant played the entire game. And it's one of those where he put the team on his back. Milwaukee was leading at halftime leading comfortably at halftime. And it look like they're going to go home and wrap this series up and then durant took over. James harden found a way to play despite that injured hamstring. Was helping the team that much. If you want to say a decoy. But he wasn't shooting well and he couldn't guard anybody. We'll get to that in a moment. But this is one of those playoff appearances performances will remember for a long time. But we remember these when you win. That's the most important part to remember with all of this. This series isn't over. Net still have issues to make history. You win these series you move on. I always bring up. Julio jones had one of the great catches klett cat clutch catches in super bowl history. And you're probably going. He did he did on. What should have been the game. Winning drive for the falcons. They screwed it up with their playcalling. But julio jones had an unbelievable catch in crunch time and that could set up the game winning field goal and they would have beaten the patriots. Now it's up to the nets to whatever they can do in milwaukee and you're not gonna have kyri. James harden played forty six minutes. Kevin durant played forty eight minutes. But this is really on the milwaukee bucks right now. Because i'm watching and i kept wandering. Are you going to send a second player towards kevin durant. There's only one guy on the floor who can beat and you know it you can see it. Yes is he wonderful. Yes as a seven footer. He can get a shot over anybody. Yes he can beat you off the dribble. I understand all of those things. Send a second player towards him. Make him pick up the dribble. If somebody else is going to beat you other than kevin durant all live with that. I can never understand this that the best player gets the ball. You may get the ball. I want you to give up the ball. James harden couldn't guard anybody. Did they take advantage of that. No crunch time the greek freak. You can't be fading away when james harden guarding you. He fumbles the ball. He could have had a put back dunk. That would have tied. The game missed another clutch free. Throw now you can look at his numbers and say he played well. I wanna know what you do when the games on the line. There's a lot of guys who are great for the first three quarters. What do you do when you need to do it and everybody knows you need to do it. And that's what was frustrating. Last night now full disclosure. I made predictions prior to the start of the playoffs. And i predicted milwaukee would go to the nba finals and they should. But you have no excuses. None your healthy. You don't have to worry about the lakers. Get there. This is a golden opportunity. Here steve nash. The nets head coach on what he saw last night from kevin durant historic historic performance. He played the entire game barely. Missed got to the line. Seventeen rebounds ten assists three steals two blocks forty nine point. I mean it's it's ridiculous what he's able to do. We know he's capable of nights like this but to do it tonight. We lose kai james obviously is is soldiering through his ailments. Were down bodies were wounded and for him to have the toughness mentality. That's what makes him one of the greatest. So this is the performance that you know signature performance for for kevin and And it was beautiful to watch and you also jeff green who had twenty seven off the bench. She had seven three pointers now. Do you expect that from jeff. Green no can. I live with jeff green scoring twenty seven. If it means. I take away. Some of the opportunities that touches from kevin durant can't let the best player on the floor arguably the best player on the planet. Have the ball. And you only have a single defender and i know after the game the greek freak said hey. Let me guard him. Aren't you the reigning defensive player of the year. Maybe you don't like that match up on a perimeter. But can i can at least have the greek freak show cannot can at least go out. Can we least give the impression. We're doubling him making pick up his dribble. James harden couldn't shoot. I give him credit and he was out there trying to help his team. Was he out there longer than he should have been. Yes do the bucks take advantage of this absolutely not drew holiday bucks mortgage the future to get you. You guys have no excuses. None your healthy. They're not and you let kevin durant have one of the great performances. And i do say part of that is you. Let him because pj tucker if they're not gonna let you be physical in new jersey are in brooklyn okay now. What's the other strategy. How about you stay physical with him if you found out okay. Frustrating get physical but as much as we lauded. Pj tucker and the previous commended frustrating k. d. k. D did what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it and to me that comes down to coaching milwaukee bucks and i've had questions about that. Coaching mike budenholzer the entire series. You guys should win this even if even if it's kyri and kevin durant. I thought milwaukee was the better all around team here. We'll talk to mannix about this coming up. Here is the greek freak talking about kevin durant

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