Tourism Is Back but Businesses Are Overwhelmed With Insufficient Staffing



Good evening thank you for joining us. The people who were cooped up at home last summer have been ear to go on vacations this year but some businesses which were eager for the crowds are struggling. Now we welcome. Abc's deirdre bolton to nightline with this report on the worker shortage the morning july signing on the heels of a worldwide lockdown millions are flocking to the beach but with all that kant's up demand. There is a downside. Businesses are over wealth. It's been different. I've seen things. I've never thought i would see from my life. We are facing a shortage in every industry talked to any of the businesses in downtown with any of the beach areas during the exact same scenario. You don't have the help. Benjamin gray has called this stretch along the atlantic home his entire life working at the bell in and spine rehoboth beach delaware for the last seven years. Nothing compares to the stress. He sees this summer. we've seen unprecedented occupancy levels. The tourism industry in the past year loan has skyrocketed. What is it. Ben like then for you to meet demands. It's now finding the staff to be able to make vets to make the drinks to check people in to check people out to make sure that we have enough people here to take care of the occupancy levels that we're experiencing

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