When Pat Boone Met Elvis Presley


Brooklyn high school. This is the fifties you are the big star. You've got three major hits on the charts you perform a brooklyn high three thousand kids and you're opening act is a nobody named elvis aaron presley. Yeah whatever happened to that guy. Well he's around no memory. He's not around a personally but anyway bill randle knew that sun records on which elvis had made one record had been sold to. Rca victor or they had sold the contract or elvis presley to rca. Victor and he hadn't even made a record yet for rca. His first record was heartbreak hotel but he hadn't recorded it yet. What he had recorded was one song to songs. On both sides of a record on sun records out of memphis a little label down there south and was recording not recording but performing on the louisiana hayride a radio show like the grand opera but outta shreveport louisiana louisiana hayride and And so a bill. Randle ask him and got elvis. Whoever was managing to come to cleveland so he could be introduced to the to the teen audience at salk where i was the headliner and going to perform and when he picked me up at the airport bill randle. He's he said is gonna come up from shreveport to to open the program for you tonight and named an a. He's a any told me who who was. What's his name. He said elvis presley. You haven't heard of him. And i said no i have. I heard a record of is on the jukebox in dallas. But i said bill. He's a hillbilly. I mean this was a bill. Monroe song blue moon of kentucky. Keep on shine and it's not rock and roll. I said is going to go over. Well tonight he said well we'll find out because he knew that he'd been signed. Rca victor was excited about this newcomer. So but i was backstage at high school when elvis and his entourage of about three guys came in lamar fi. Thank charlie hodge. Maybe one of his musicians to musicians. And so elvis walked in and his collar turned up his hair long. And kinda grease in then over too long but slipped back in his pants long over some scuffed up white. Black shoes said hi elvis. I'm pat boone's mention and any extended his hand but he didn't shake hands. Just let me shake his hand. Nobody his mom and daddy hadn't instructed him. How a man shakes as he disliked you shake

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