The Upsell That Made Me Sick To My Stomach...


Now what do you think about an offer that so good that you feel six or something actually giving it somebody because it's it's such a good deal. I guess probably the right offer right. Make an irresistible one time offer vaco. Here's i of course may some dollars off so defense in bucks. That's that's an offer but it's not an irresistible insane insane offer when you are sick to your stomach because there's no way we can do this this this i can't give all i can't people this and this and all these things for this price because it's not worth it to me like you're sick to your stomach that's when you're close that's when you probably have the right author and for me. It was this big hog just like. Oh my gosh. Like i've been stingy. I've been trying to my e to make sure they offer the things that i want to sell. Not what people actually want and they're looking at it from my okay. If i'm not making an offer. I gotta make something irresistible right. If only gonna make a fifteen twenty percent conversion rate on accelerate to forty fifty percent it has to be irresistible We're in the process right now of purchasing a company. I can't talk about yet. So as we finalize the deal might be finalized. When get back from lake powell. So i'm sure we can. We shouting it from the roofs but the funnel really buying the same because the funnels are so good like someone buys a product through the funnel the average cart value Is like one hundred eighty dollars saying spend one hundred dollars to sell this product which is crazy right. It's so good but you look at the up so flow and it's the same thing it's like the most insane ears this blah for you. Sure when the personal buying the company from his first print together was like six or stomach ache. I could easily sell his thousand bucks or two thousand or more and i'm going to do for ninety seven mike. We what you can't do that like insane right. We spent fifty thousand dollars creating the kate so through for ninety seven dollars. And when you get that the internal dialogue and you had your fighting it because this doesn't make any logical sense that's when you probably have an actual irresistible

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