A highlight from 3411: Lightning Round w/ Mathew Klickstein


The practice of mayors and government officials for example to create a vacuum. Then we fill. That vacuum is popular award vein. Shit i rely just singing embarrassing. Welcome everybody to keep them the girl. I'm keith malley. And logan lo- Mixture you say hi to us in keith. And girl dot com. We have We Get your emails. We have forums. Were on read it so many ways to interact and it's a lot of fun we'd love to letters there's one from jamie. Let's get right into it. Hey folks jamie says i keith. Congratulations on your silent trailers win. Yes congrats great win. I get so sweaty doing those honestly anita shower changing clothes. It was looking scary in the beginning. He says when happing shopping. We're but we're always looking like it was going to be like. What are those things called the sweep. What's that yes that's what it's called. Yeah we were all rooting for you. I invited a few fully vaccinated friends over for dinner on. Saturday and silent. Trailers was part of the entertainment for the night. My friends and i had a blast. I i saw pictures where people were having parties. Throw it on the tv. That's fun to see one of the greatest moments. When was when does clue was nine. Oh two one. Oh and immediately followed by keith guessing shark nato correctly. The room erupted. There was some spilled. Wine is a very successful night. Thank you both for putting this show on. I have a question about oma club. I keep hovering over the button to get a week of omit. But i'm scared. And he words of encouragement peace love and keeping the girl for over a decade of my life. Jamie see that's the thing right like semi trailers you know. That's going to be a fun time. But oh sounds like you might have to work on yourself so you're a little nervous about it. Don't be scared. I i'm there every weekday and it helped me out a lot in the word you know self help or any of this kind of thing could sima but i dig it. Don't be scared of it. Leave your camera off if you want. Just listen and this is going to trick you into doing everything else okay. Let's do it together. Go to right now keith. And the girl dot com slash aware may take a look. What i'm saying. Okay now click like you're buying it that you see where it says code at times in the code half h. a. l. f. mo- look what just happened right. You didn't know. I had a code. But i do you do to. The codes have okay. Thank you know silent trailers. We had what dana gold guy brandom. Abby crutchfield syra heart shorn. He's these are some scary folks. But i have to save. My favorite part is still the behind the scenes. When we're setting these people up and sometimes you know the audience members can sign up to a see part of that process that we make bets on. Who's going to be last. We make our bets on. Who will be asking if it's okay to record their end from on top of a moving train. It's always something scary. There's always something you always tell me that my face gives away things like you'll be like what and i'm like. I didn't say anything like your eyes are common out of your head. I wonder when sarah came in. Yes backstage This past saturday night was my jaw literally on the floor. Because i'm not sure. I blacked out for like a minute. I believe it was shock. You're hearing people do a standup show. She's feet away from her even though she's outside all i could go somewhere quieter i on her phone right and then she comes back. She was nowhere quieter. But that's part of the charm. She was coming in from an alley in. I believe in manhattan an alley the back of an alley on the staircase. So if you want to see like a tour of new york Come to silent trailer. Whose tickets will be going up for the next one really soon. So i saw on social media. Abby crutchfield wrote unpopular opinion fast forward through the parts of the movie. Were watching the make me uncomfortable because we could still figure out the story and then have none of the nightmares. That's why i want got to watch the whole movie. Vincent vincent came backstage. And i can't help where people thought when they saw them or they like wait a minute so i like you. You seem redeemable. i can't tell. And he came in with a different first name on zoom thing so i kept calling him mr garcia. I'm like i don't know if you know or if i'm supposed to acknowledge it but like hi mr. Ya spreads rates on our forms. Holy shit that last. Show the last section with vincent no shade so mind that part too. but that last section with vincent. Can we get keith. Grown ducted again into the podcasting hall of fame. I was the enemy of high quality. Podcasting of interviewing oprah who joe rogan. Who amazing that was fun. Yeah i didn't know if it upset people like you're talking to a troubled guy you know you're trying to make your trying to normalize him i. I really didn't know what the audience would think but nobody seems to upset a yet. I did see this gentleman. Michael davig non. He's upset with us. I saw when we put on facebook. Hey here's the event coming up at silent trailers his first comment under that was used to like this podcast until all of a sudden the hosts can't tell right from wrong. Just throw their hands up. And say i don't know when the state of israel is an apartheid state but they have chocolate milk in a bag. Yes i bet. South africa was nice to visit. If you were a white person fucker. What do you think we said. What did you hear. We said michael first of all used to like this podcast until a yesterday. You simpleton pieces shit dude you know. These people act like basic something intelligent and clever. You have figured out. You know who's right who's wrong. You can't even believe that we might. We might have our hands up in the air a little bit. You have no problem with the hamas government tunnels being deliberately made under civilian houses so that it does cause trouble. You have it all fucking figured out. And because he did that on social media can easily click on his name and see what he's about. He lives in rhode island. He has a figured out in. Rhode island has bombs going over her parents heads houses.

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