A highlight from The French Open Catch-Up: Round Two - Barty's hip retirement; Federer's time violation; Swiatek & Sabalenka dominant; Opelka leads 'Fab 4' Americans into R3; Mektic/Pavic out with covid; Will Badosa seize void left by Osaka?


Are removed from the doubles draw. Geeta positive caveat tests a came round to just about coming to completion and novel couple of fantastic days tennis in paris. Where again we have been treated some top notch quality competition across the the men and women's draws and feel that you'll in a bit of a celebratory mood because as well as being the day of round two competition it's also his birthday is indeed. The great man's thirty fifth birthday. Go shot guys crazy. But yeah i've got nice gloss of spanish red wine recording slightly earlier today so i can You know what sh- what imply later on my evenings viewing sorted say. Hopefully he won't have too many problems against Rishaad gasquet tonight. I mean let's be honest if one birthday president the dow wants to get in the in the form of a round to match up at a grand slam surely richard gasquet. That is the perfect craft. President is head to head record is like sixteen. And oh yeah. You would've thought that gasquet might have worked out how to like win against traffic. I mean they have been together on the tool for a long time that they grew up there in the same area. They did all the junior kind of events around that sort of time together. You would kind of thought that gasquet my of one victory. But i'm really hoping he doesn't work out the magic solution deny and he just leaves a bit longer as much as we love richard gasquet and we remember some of his epic times on the tool. I'm hoping that tonight will be wrath as night. And he can enjoy his birthday with a a nice victory. Yeah we do. You have lots of of a matches. I guess it being slightly more competitive as well to about from the last couple of days But we well. I suppose we better. I've really stalled with the biggest news of of the second round which is probably the the the world number one and two thousand nineteen writing garros. Champion has actually had to withdraw from the tournament and ash bossie. Who has retired today in a second round match with a hip injury. I mean it was. It was always on the cards. We every fan knows that she wasn't a hundred percent going into this match. Well actually commend. think She tightening up and giving it a go. Because i would have thought a team might have been like. There's no point aggravating it. Let's just kind of concede endanger outside a massive credit to to balti- getting out on coal and seeing if she could tough it out but it was quite clear. I think in that first set. It wasn't it just wasn't happening. I mean yes might is a good comparison on her day. Baugh if ash balti- is fit and fighting she's no way losing that Six wiedeman already kind felt that the movement particularly was quite important. We know ash. Balti- is one of the best movers and play to go around the cool on her on her day. And one of our biggest strength was just severely hampered and that wasn't really any any coming back from the deficit after the first set and even though it was kind of too i think she already kind of knew the writing was on the. Whoa yeah you could see that. She like physically hampered by and it's just such shape and it means that you know for the first time in probably a long time. We've had the top sees overdraw with from the tournament. You've made for different reasons but both health related so it's It's not great but it does. I guess leave that if the draw for a whole host of other names. I mean really. you've kind of now. Got to look at sean tech as being like the talk favor i guess to come through the top off the troll and she's just absolutely routed rebecca pete some. I think the lost one game cycle issue doing what she did. Did i like last year. When when roland garros where she betty leasing games we shall say but she said he doesn't like she's in in full force and ready to kind of pick up on these These giro's i. I know it's been a it's been very. It's been very funny because we have had a lot of which for different reasons retirement as well and if it sort of reminded me of that that year wimbledon it was a it was a fun day at wimbledon a few years ago when lots and lots of people retired On the same day. And we all we all seeing. I think it increase in hype particularly in fall of withdrawals from the french open. But i think with this one. I think what's really just kind of annoying about is the timing. Because sounded like balti- she had the perfect kind of clay. Run up to to right on garros really and this injury sort of came about i think on the you know the weekend before and although i think they put a plan in place to sort of try and manage it it just you know as as today as day by day he kind of came on. It was clear that it just wasn't going to be able to to to be rectified. And i think it's just a bit frustrating. The timing of it all. And i think that's what's so kind of strating about two and hearing bossie in Press conference talk about you. Know there's been a few days shut this week you can tell. The osce means a lot. Her in you know she will be disappointed. She wouldn't be able to what she will feel like his defended her title from twenty nineteen so we will have to see how the injury kinda progresses you know. Obviously there's going to be a very quick turnaround to wimbledon so be interesting to see how How how she can pass. How ford i. If she can prepare for that. I think the only saving grace really at the moment is that it's an injury that has kind of flat up so it feels like there is already s or pre existing way to manage it and she is able to manage it and we can see her in the in the uk on on the cross. Because it isn't it like we're gonna have naomi osaka potentially for a stretch of time. I want to say fash policy as well because you know.

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