Liberals like Biden Can Only Play Boogeyman Politics


Our policies are a disaster on the sucks scale, you know, like a 98 and 100 on the scale of how bad a policy that sucked So what they do is they get you to try, you know, to vote or try to get you to vote for them by saying the other guy sucks worse. That's it. That's the whole liberal agenda. They rarely run on their agenda in swing districts. You know Nancy Pelosi's district, they can run on whatever they want. But in swing districts you almost never hear liberals say things like higher taxes are wonderful. Government controlled health care is fantastic. We're going to confiscate all your guns. It only works in San Francisco. They don't do it because sane Americans and swing districts don't give a crap about any of that stuff. I think it's all crazy. So their whole agenda is well, The other guy sucks a lot worse. So I call the boogeyman politics, But liberals are phone ease. And it's all AstroTurf in all made up here is a perfect example of boogeyman politics. Right here. Here's a clip from O and one American News It's about. Let's see 35 2nd song. Joe Biden needs a flash card to remind him he thinks everything is Trump's fault. Check this out. Joe Biden fiddles with a flash card of anti Trump talking points during a press conference in England. Biden branching the card label DOJ talking points while speaking Sunday in Cornwall. The cards include a number of preplanned answers. That's including a claim that Trump quote, abused power. And that is Justice Department was out of control. This is the DOJ inspector general has recently opened a review into the Trump era seizure of some House Democrats and staff data during a 2018 investigation. Into leaks about the Russia probe. Can't believe this guy is in charge. Sometimes I really can't. They said in a speech the other night down in, uh, West Palm Beach. I can't get around the fact that this guy is the president is just stunning his level of incompetence. He has a This is the President United States He has a flash card number one.

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