A highlight from 709: Ted Lasso S1E1 Rewatch: 'Pilot'



Go. Muruga for a number two is tiff arment tiff. Hello if that's joke. I love it if not. I can't wait to unpack that with you and friend number three james thompson. Not friends not ranked at any particular randomly selected high james. I never know how to react when a grown man beat boxes is in front of me. You could tell that to biz markie so just explain for those upfront. Who are listening to this just to be clear. We figured most people who are listening to a podcast at this point about season one of tat lasso have seen season one of ted lasso if you have not yet seen the whole season. Don't listen to this podcast. Because we're going to talk about what happens the whole season throughout and i should also explain up front we're going to do episodes with different combinations of panelists and hosts as we cover all of the ten episodes. So we're not. You're you're only headless. Oh podcasters no no no. This is just the beginning of a wild ride because so many people love ted laso. It's like there's a full team on the pitch. Yeah it's it's the starting eleven. And then we have a sizable bench to actually. So there's a lot of people in more than one we couldn't are people interested in lasts for this podcast. Thus far we have not assemble two full teams but we have more than one team of soccer. They'll let them people in soccer. Except they do it with a roman numeral anyway among the things not that i find weird about soccer not mentioned in ted lhasa which is strange because they got most of them but not that one. So let's just. Let's just go and i'm going to kind of walk us through what happens in this pilot and we we can stop whenever we wanna dwell on something that happens. I think the interesting sequence of of how the show begins is interesting. We get rebecca firing the current manager for a variety of reasons including his short shorts. That's the first little bit we get. This isn't a waste this joke right away. They don't spare the oasis joke. No it's right. They're going to get it out right right in front. I think this is one of the things that strikes me about that. Well you know that's right you could see liam or not or both the so one of the funny things about this and talking about the pilot we can also talk about the origin of the show. And there's a scene later that is basically lifted right from the nbc sports network premier league promo ads that were the origin of ted lasso. But here we get the other real. I think set up plot setup thing that is super familiar and it gets established a little bit later. But if you've seen major league you know it's coming is the. This is the plot of the movie major league where the owner of team decides that she is going to destroy team out of spite and we haven't quite got the whole plot here but i just i was reminded again that again. This is literally the plot of of the movie major league. Fortunately not with charlie sheen in it. Sure i think one of the things that struck me on the rewatch just trying to put myself. You know when. I came in to ted last so i knew that that would be the plot. I knew that the owner of would be trying to destroy the team from within But if you pretend that you don't know that up until the point that rebecca announces later on in the episode. What our plan. Is this opening scene. You're on team. Rebecca all our way. This coach is a jerk. Yeah she's brilliant she's she's she's been wronged. She is taking charge. She is getting rid of them. Misogynist jerk she says all the right things later on in the press conference You know. I think in a couple of In a couple of Interviews after the fact you know some. Some hosts began to describe rebecca as the villain of the piece or the antagonise of the peace and the actress bristled at that and for good reason. I mean I'm on team. Rebecca right from the start here we as we get later on Two and we and we learn throughout the season. Rebecca ted both are experiencing relationship the aftermath of essentially a relationship disaster and we have empathy for both of them. Yeah i agree. i mean. that's the magic trick of of lasso. Is that all these people. We have empathy for all of these. People are almost all of these. People and rebecca is not a villain. Even though she's doing. You know dirty by ted here at the end we discovered that. But you're right. It is also set up here this is. She is taking over this team and she's going to run it the right way and she's going to get rid of this jerk. Who's the manager and we only get that twist a little bit later on. I think one of the things one of the things about this series Tease i guess an appropriate Footballing metaphor is it. Kind of always swerves at the last minute when you think it's going to go in a certain and they don't do the obvious things for literally any of the characters or plotlines and i thought you know sort of the first episode. I was like okay. I know what the set up's going to be. And i was like convinced the republika and ted. We're gonna end up together and all these things and none of happened. So i think i think that was what i find. I mean apart from the sort of relentless positivity of it It was the fact that it didn't do what i expected.

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