A highlight from May 17, 2021


Asa have been struck by a ransomware attack. The avalon ransomware group a. v. a. d. o. n. claimed on their league side that they had stolen three terabytes of sensitive data from axa's asian operations. In addition there was a dido's attack against a global websites making them inaccessible for some time on saturday on the attack comes just a week after. Asa stated that they would be dropping reimbursement for ransomware extortion payments when underwriting cyber insurance policies in france dark side said it lost control of servers and money a day after biden threats. One day after. Us president joe biden. Said the us plans to disrupt the hackers behind the colonial pipeline. Cyber attack the operator of the dark side ransomware group said they had lost control of their web servers and some of the funds they made from ransomware payments stating that crypto currency had been withdrawn from the gangs. Payment server opinion varies as to whether this was a coordinated take down by us authorities or a route that will allow the gang to return under a new name. Ceo's could face jail time for iot attacks by twenty twenty. Four gartner has warned that as many as five percent of business leaders could be held liable by two thousand twenty four due to increased regulations around so-called cyber physical systems cps's such as iot an operational technology stating that the financial impact of such attacks on cps's resulting in fatalities could reach as much as fifty billion dollars by twenty twenty three. Tell filmon research vice president at gardner states that many business leaders aren't even aware of the scale of cps investment in their organization often because projects have happened outside of the control of it. She says technology leaders in the organization must step up to help c. e. o.'s. Understand the risks that cps represents an why more budget needs to be allocated to operational resilience management in order to secure them. Colonial pipeline did not tell ceasar about the ransomware incident. Cease did not have technical details about the colonial attack. As of tuesday morning of last week. The agency's top official told senators at the senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee. Meeting held that day in fact the only found out through the fbi with whom they have close information sharing relationship. Although season was forgiving about colonials lack of communication one republican senator in attendance called the attack quote potentially the most substantial and damaging attack on us critical infrastructure. Ever end quote referring to the fact. It's shutdown withheld. Its daily delivery of one hundred million gallons of fuel products and prompted the biden administration to declare an emergency triggering the environmental protection agency to issue.

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