A highlight from 328: Rambo-HC of Dallas Empire Interview, Flashpoint/NIP Drama, YotW, and more


Has some other fun stuff for you. They're more importantly though. If you're listening on any device or outlet that lets you leave. A review honored to do that for us. We definitely appreciate it. I tunes whatever. What have you if you listen on google podcasts. And it's acting funny know that we're working on it we've emailed google. Apparently are feed is not updating frequently as it should as told by one listener so maybe it was an isolated issue but we are show for the listeners. All it takes is one. So i emailed them. It's tvd as far as when it will get fixed. My name is tim. I'll be your captain for this journey into sports but alongside me as always is my best friend. My brown It's a new. What's up on a champ. Sunday counterstrike is king. Today lit the world on fire this week. Yeah it's singing that too. Because i was watching all of call of duty and i was like you know. Shame because we're not gonna talk about this at all apart from news. Yeah i mean it's sad because it deserves more more time to the event was actually pretty bad ass and there's a lot to even get into. Maybe we dive in later on at some point into that. But what's going on in counter strike. I was like giddy for the show today. My this is. This is gonna be fun to discuss. Because i'm i'm so curious to hear. What would you do in this situation. Yeah and. I can't wait to tell you because i'm sure you probably have an idea what i would do. But we'll discuss more of that later. real quick before we get into some of the week. Thank you everyone who showed up for community night. It was a good time helluva a night. It worked out well. We had a lot of people show up enough to run some some privates and you know unranked in certain games so the results wouldn't represents that it was a fun time we win and also while going winless played the worst set of maps. We could possibly play we. We played valor. And we're played the hours okay with brees. It was new to some of the people we played with so that was really unfortunate that that was the first map that we got. And that's the issue. I'm not antibodies. I in fact. I actually like breeze. I know a lot of people. Don't i think that's new map syndrome. First of all. I think a lot of the people who are saying. It's a trash map. It's new map syndrome. You know like you're just not used to it and it's a very different map that being said you're right. We had like two guys that we were playing with the had never played it before and we were up against two guys that new every angle and placement for sova dart and turret that you can think of so that sucked impressive. How good the other team. How well educated should say the other team was of that map of all the games and then we had a guy. That doesn't even play valerie. A he didn't even know to use his abilities on his character. So that made a tough outing invalid. Then we switched over to see us and our whole goal. Were playing face it. Our whole goal was to set up the veto to get ancient. Sorta wanted to play. We want to play the new map.

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