Introducing Hyprfire and the Firebug Intrusion Detection System


Stephan. Your if consi- being the abbot of the brian child behind afa and It's exciting always speak to us. Sort of almost a brand new up and particularly a fifth boys so it's good to have a an australian startup from perth introduced to the technology. And where you're currently at yet. Sorry hotter fires. Entire technologies by stack is based around a concept called power. I which we've developed basically. It's designed to shift the away. That security network technologies from a from a machine learning first perspective to a more well-thought-out statistics perspective that reduces the amount of computer quiet and makes these things lightweight enough that you can pretty much any way. Cloud virtual prime wherever and the technology has come abound from. You'll research their university have well. Let me talk us through the process because interesting story in its iron rhine not yet absolutely so my phd research is what spawned this wonderful bank. they're these series of statistical laws that we know of That are basically consistent with nature everywhere right there in bold in Fun of technical so the things such as likes on facebook. Follow us on twitter The laws are really really strong in such that. If you are not that. There's something if something doesn't match it when it should you already know. You're something's wrong. You don't know what the reason for the anomalies yet but you know that there is one which in and of itself is a big jump away from having to figure out what normal is before you can say what isn't on essentially what happened was is during my research. We found that there was this paper that suggested that network traffic actually conformed to these laws and we went. Hang on if that's the case that means we don't have to do all this machine learning only detection in the first place. We can sort of just type the metadata from network packets figure it out from there and sort of the pyramids instead of having to learn everything. You just kind of nowhere and work it out

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