A highlight from 06/17/21 DPS Hour 2 Frank Isola


Sports radio hour to on this thursday dan in the danettes and patrick show. Nobody likes when people say. I told you so but i think lebron james has the right to say. I told you so. It's of that coming up here in a moment. Phone calls always welcome. We'll check in on the bucks and the nets that's coming up tonight and but they got to do some pretty good plan there to kind of top what we saw last night so nets bucks game six tonight. Hawks beat the seventy sixers in one of the biggest comebacks in nba playoff history. They're up three games to two the clippers over the jazz. They're up three games to two. We'll touch on those teams. Those games coming up before the season. Lebron james criticized the nba for condensing the off season during the pandemic and earlier. This week he reminded everybody of that. Saying that's the reason why we're seeing so many stars go down with injuries now. The nba started the season. Just seventy one days. After the lakers won the title the league defended itself by saying that the injury rates are normal. I think that maybe there exacerbated because these are big names getting hurt high profile players getting hurt not just role players. It's it's hard to look at the basketball analysis of this because the health issues. What's going on how it's impacted the each of these series but it's it's pronounced because this is such an even field now it feels like it's wide open and with all these injuries. Everybody has a chance to win a championship this year. Or at least get to the nba. Title games It's wide open. It feels like the team. That's the healthiest has the best chance to win at all last night. You saw clipper team. Kawhi going into utah and i think surviving. The first half was the biggest reason why they won the game because utah was unbelievable from three point range and they held. They were only down. Five points clippers down five point seventeen of thirty from three point range in the first half for utah but the clippers only down five. That's because the paul. George paul george at twenty two in the first half and because of that. I'm thinking some doubts starts to creep in a little bit with the jazz. You're at home. You're killing it from three point range. But you're only five. And paul. George is starting to get on a roll. I don't play the next two games. Now adrian wootton around ski of the mothership said. It's unlikely qu is gonna play if there is now they'll be a game six of if there's a game seven but if you're utah you had your opportunity. They don't have quite now. You still do. But you've got to win that game and then you know worst case scenario you get to come back home for game seven. And then we have the seventy sixers. Congratulations well done. Well done if you turn the game off at halftime. Like i did. You probably went wait. I'm looking at the bottom line. And it's got atlanta leading late in the game and i went. How is that possible. Atlanta scored sixteen in the second quarter. And i go all right. Well maybe they can extend this going back home and they can win and they can force a game seven. That'd be nice for a team that nobody gave any credit to going into the playoffs. Nate mcmillan stone. A wonderful job as their head coach. And so is tyler with the clippers. I know we tend to focus on the marquee names. The bigger name coaches these guys made adjustments. Imagine you're down twenty six in philadelphia and you don't panic at starts with a coach. Imagine you're up twenty six and then all of a sudden you start to lose the lead and then you panic. Because i thought joel embiid. That's one of those we're gonna. He's gonna get his and not much we can do about it. Maybe he gets tired and he looked tired in the second half. It's it's not an apt analogy. But i'll use it just because it came to mind when george foreman fought mohammed ali and this was the famous rope a dope and georgia's just hitting him with everything he's got and ali is just on the ropes covering up and and we thought the referee is gonna eventually stop it because you had to. Ali was going to get hurt but this was his game plan.

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