A highlight from Inside the Parker - Substance Scandal Gets Stickier; Yankees Announcer Michael Kay; WS Champ Kevin Millar


This is inside the parker. You give us twenty two minutes in. We'll give you the scoop on major league baseball now. Here's baseball hall of fame. Voter number eighty three rob parker. Welcome into the podcast. I'm your host rob parker and what a show we have for you today. We'll talk with former major league. First baseman and outfielder kevin millar. He'll stop by all along with longtime new york. Yankees tv announcer michael kay. He has a new book. You'll break it down for us. That plus foul or fair. Let's go her up to lead off getting robbed and keep them up. Rob's hot take the three biggest stories in major league baseball number one. Baseball's had enough. Apparently this is it. We keep talking about google gate and foreign substances on the ball and spider tack and all that but major league baseball said starting monday able enhance its enforcement of the rules which apply foreign substances to the baseball's and so the new guidelines is pretty simple. You can't do it and even if you were doing it. There will be suspensions although it's a ten day suspension without pay. I mean with pay which doesn't sound that harsh but you know you got to negotiate that stuff with the union for them to implement this on the fly to kind of stop and give hitters a fair chance with seeing what's going on with baseball with the hitting at an all time low and strikeouts and pitchers dominating so baseball's trying to get a handle on and then not gonna just wait till next year trying to get this thing under control so that next year thinking get it all figured out and gig guys back to pitching without you know having the gawad the ball and do all these other things i get the grip thing but i think this ran amok and pitchers have gone haywire. So they gotta be real back number two. I know the san diego padres scuffling having issues. You know still hanging tough tough. Nfl west but one guy who's not struggling as fernando tatis junior. He continues to pound the baseball and on wednesday cores field in denver tatt. He's hit what's estimated to be his longest home run of his career. Four hundred and seventy seven foot blast to help the padres jump back into the game against the rockies and tattoos as had his share of injuries this year bought he continues to swing bat at a historic pace and tat was the first in. The nationally. Reached a twenty home run mark. He is must see tv thrilling. he is great to watch. And how the padres just gotta catch up to them. They're stars performing. They need the rest of the team to come around. Number three mets ace jacob degrom was scheduled to start wednesday night against the cubs. And this guy is you know is chasing history and trying to put together the greatest era in the history of baseball and so far. It's been pretty incredible You know he is trying to basically in order to beat the mark held by bob gibson which was one point one two Yara in one thousand nine hundred sixty basically degrom would have twenty more starts only give up a plus nineteen more earned runs and that would equal a one point zero ninety. Era this is all of course that he averages six innings every start and those twenty more starts. There's a lot of things that have to go right. But he's definitely on a historic pace. It'll be good to see him. Get back on the mound. But his era is ridiculous You know and you just wonder if you'll be able to keep it up right now. Going into wednesday. He had an old point five six. The lowest of any pitcher through the first ten starts of a season since became an official stat. You know what a minimum of fifty innings pitch so he returns to action for its eleven start wednesday night at citi field against the cubs. Here comes the big interview. Listen handlers which so good. Now let's welcome into the podcast. Kevin millar the former major league first baseman and outfielder and current co host of the. Mlb network show intentional. Talk kevin welcome to the podcast. What's going on man appreciate you having me. No no doubt Appreciate you jumping on before we get to some baseball. I know you're part of a big golf outing. The twenty twenty one american century championship tournament. Tell us about that. Yeah it pay what. It's like our masters and say our it's all the athletes and you know. I hate using the word but celebrities that you know we get up there and we say we have a chance to win this event and it's a fun time. American century does such a wonderful time at the edgewood country club in. We'll and beautiful. South lake tahoe. And if you haven't been up there it's definitely a mass especially for summertime because you're couple of copies about fifty five in the morning and it gets up to a whopping eighty degrees and the pine trees and And golf in july. it's pretty awesome. Man sounds incredible and the guest list is like a one. What patrick mahomes charles. Barkley aaron rodgers justin timberlake. Wow yeah you know in some of these guys like make making play. I mean when you're talking about justin timberlake cou he can put on show and he's one of the greatest out there but he gets on that golf course and in and everybody's competitive you know you can tell he's a little raw and when i say a little raw but a hundred percent athlete he's about probably nine to twelve eighty caps so it's not like the guy has no idea where the ball's going but you can tell in a few years this guy's going to be tough steph curry's amazing he's like a scratch to a one and a gap and then you have your favorites like you know mark moulder. Laurie fish Tony romo john. Smoltz guys like josh gobi. They say can shoot numbers that most of us can't. There's about thirty five handicapped in that. Mix the really good guys that that have checks or whatever year and then you've got guys that just love it and they're trying to get better no doubt i appreciate that but kevin which over the baseball and obviously the a controversy with the foreign substance on the baseball. The spider attack. I what do you know about that. And how how does that impact a pitcher pitching and you know the rotation of the baseball. Yeah you know it's funny because it's been around. You know the first thing you do when you're pitcher

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