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As us pulls out of afghanistan. Young afghans are taking up arms. Some say it's smart to be ready for what might come others are concerned definitely. It is not a good thing that people are getting mobilized in arming themselves against the taliban's also today. Vaccines are starting to flow to central america in honduras. Many worry that government corruption won't change a thing the there's two situations you know you're going to die of hunger or you're gonna die of covid. I'm marco werman and you think sports are just about winning at the euro soccer championship this summer. It's more than the score. So the fact that are fans gidley delirious in the stadia. There's a sense that we as fans will never take this tournament for granted again. Those stories of more today here on the world. i'm marco werman. This is the world. thanks for joining us. We start today with the news from afghanistan. President biden set this coming september eleventh as the deadline for a complete withdrawal from the country but the process has been going faster than expected. The pentagon says roughly half of american troops have left meantime. The taliban has gone on the offensive. Taking territory with no political settlement inside afghans are worried about a violent taliban resurgence and are preparing for a fight. The world sharon jafari reports over the weekend. A resident of babylon province in northern afghanistan. Sent me a video. What's up chose a dozen men standing in a semi circle all or wearing traditional pants and shirts most look young. Maybe in their twenties and all are holding. Ha forty-sevens chemo ingest in bahati gam late restore surreal. I found one. That is one of the men holding a gun. He says in theory this is the first time he's held a weapon in his life. His twenty he says the terrorists are threatening my hometown. And i'm ready to fight. The by terrorists. Muhammad means the taliban the group that the us fought for two decades and made a deal with in two thousand nine hundred now. There is no agreement between the taliban and the afghan government and with the us redraw almost complete that leaves afghans like mohammed fearful of violent taliban takeover buddy connecticut show on fighters just the other night muhammad says a few of them were killed but everyone on his side survived about two hundred. Men have picked up arms in this part of the country. He says god willink more will join soon. People that are are they are doing this in line with the mandate issued by the ministry of defence by our ministry of defense colonel. Now we'd see is afghanistan's ministry of interior d'avray tested their weapons. They're being armed with the weapons that we provide them they are being led by professionally trained folder week in response to taliban advances in several districts. The afghan government called on wall in tears to join the fight. Mahanta dr heart. Your of yeah. This is afghan vice-president savoir donors urging people to stand shoulder to shoulder with the security forces. The government he says is ready to support you in any way. we

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