Senate Republicans Release $928 Billion Infrastructure Counteroffer


Biden's infrastructure plan because responding Clayton Devil says proposed spending continues to be the main hold up. GOP senators introduced a $928 billion counteroffer to President Biden's $1.7 trillion plan. His initial proposal was well upward of two trillion The Republican plan includes money for roads and bridges for airports, water systems, public transit in broadband. It sticks to the core infrastructure features that we talked to initially It's a serious effort to try to reach a bipartisan agreement, Senator Shelley Moore Capito said The biggest question right now seems to be over the gap and propose spending, but she intends to keep negotiating the alternative. Which is a partisan reconciliation process would be destructive to our future bipartisan attempts but also doesn't serve the American public Republicans pushing back against proposed tax hikes and plan to repurpose billions of unspent covert relief money to help pay for infrastructure projects. The Biden administration, though adamantly opposing that. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said those cuts could imperil pending a too small businesses or two restaurants in rural hospitals. While touting his infrastructure plan is a community college in Cleveland. President Biden reiterated the importance of investing in the economy. We must be number one in the world to lead the world in the 21st century, he said. The U. S can't afford to fall any further behind. Now's the time Build the foundation that we've laid. To make bold investments in our families and our communities and our nation. The White House said it hopes to see progress in bipartisan talks by Memorial Day. Clayton Nevil, WB AP News

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