A highlight from BK welcomes Ben Garland


Broncos daily. Putt jazzed with brandon krisztal. I want everything all the meatballs and pasta. Have you football. Friday broncos country. Hope you checked out the second episode of shell shocked the shelby harris. Podcast this week. We had zach. Koran for broncos defensive lineman now with the san francisco forty niners zach does a great job explaining crypto currency. He and shelby both but he tells some good stories about his time in the league and now bouncing around later in his career after being in indy starts for the first four or five years then a couple years in denver. It's been kind of a journeyman type career in the last couple years. Where he's gone. Arizona carolinas now san fran but he also gives us a little nick both update talk about john lynch and shannon to people that obviously plenty of oaks and broncos country have a lot of. Let's go find that wherever you hear this podcast or another podcast platform. You like the iheartradio app. Which is free of course is a good one as well. I'm gonna talk to. Ben garland coming up in just a little bit another former bronco another former forty niner and he talks about the the culture there as well as in atlanta and denver. Because he's got a really cool charity thing going on tonight. If you're this on friday. But friday night at empower field at mile high so good to catch up with ben garland and huge technical issues. But you will not hear it because of how good of a editor. So here's what. I wanted to do though in the first part rather than me talk about what's going on right now because it's not that i hadn't been covered this week but nothing blowing your mind other than a couple of guys didn't come to. Ota's and the quarterback battle is already in full swing. So i'm going to give you the best sound from the week. I'm skipping ronald darby yesterday. I think that he's going to be a good player and time. Maybe some some more to work with you to tell us. He's gonna plan the right side. But i didn't need year sound bite of that. You may not have heard noah fant yet someone give you two things from noah fant and then the best sound from earlier in the week. When obviously both quarterbacks talk vic talked von miller talk garrett bowles talk. Justin simmons courtland sutton saw. That's in store for year right in this little stretch before we get to.

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