The Blessings and Curses of Self-Sufficiency in Leadership with Jerry Colonna


We got our conversation with jerry colona and we talked about the fact that a lot of leaders to become a good leader to build a business. You've got this thing of being self sufficient. You know like you figure it out you hack your way through it. You find solutions. Your resourceful and that self sufficiency can be can be a blessing. It can also be a curse the dark side of self-sufficiency as we can get isolated and we have a hard time letting other people in why is it as leaders that we struggle with this. I think it has to do with power. It has to do with expectations and projections of what does it mean to lead and lead. Well i'll give you an example and i'm talking about. I think that most folks attain leadership someone accidentally we do our job well and then we get promoted and then we do job well and then get promoted in all of a sudden where in this experience where we feel tremendous responsibility and this is the best of us. This is not power hungry. People this is. This is most of us. We carry into that experience an ideal of what it means to be a leader and then ideal we learn as a kit in the ideal goes like this. That person up at top called the top of the pyramid call it. The president caught. God call it our parents. They have all the answers. That's why they're up there. They're infallible the truth. Is we know better than that. But we don't feel that difference then all of a sudden we have power and were in that position and we think we're supposed to have all the answers. We think that our job as the ceo is to tell everybody what to do and in fact there's a little bit of a collusion goes on because many people that report to us think their job is to do what we tell them to do. And that's it simple structure except it's a lot more complicated than that because inside are scared because we actually don't know what to do and we're making it up every single day and we're going by instinct whether we're talking about being a ceo husband or wife or parent

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