Lawmakers Continue Police Reform Negotiations


May of last year, lawmakers in every state and the District of Columbia have introduced more than 3000 police reform bills. The National Conference of State Legislatures reports. That's double the number introduced in 2017. Theo U. S Department of Justice is investigating the Minneapolis police and other departments. And brought civil rights charges against Derrick Show. Vin and the other former officers involved in George Floyd's burger Cities and school districts have responded to Minneapolis public schools, joined districts across the country and cutting ties with police. And Minneapolis City Council members made headlines when they promised to defund the police. That's provocative shorthand for rerouting public safety dollars to social services that can reduce crime. And it's also something we have really heard from the general public. I asked my colleague, Minnesota public radio reporter Brandt Williams when he knew something was different. Well, I guess Anjo like many people, when I first saw that bystander video Usually there is a situation between a police officer and somebody there's a officer makes a split second decision where they fire a weapon. It's over in a second, but this happened Over nine minutes. We heard George Floyd pleading for his life, and we saw the reaction of the officer Derrick Show Vin, just not changing his expression, and he kept the pressure on. So I think that's when I knew as a boy, You know, it's gonna be really hard for this just to be pushed under the rug or just kind of forgotten about. During the next news cycle. And Brant the response from city officials that was swift as as well different than than what we've seen in the past, starting with the quick firing of officer direct Children. Right that that was different. I mean, usually there's got to be an investigation or there has to be due diligence done here before we make any disciplinary decisions. But this was the next day chief Mid Air. Arredondo came right out and said that this officer is no longer A member of the Minneapolis Police Department, and he fired the other three officers involved as well.

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