Attract Good Things By Spreading Gratitude with Author Elena Anguita


Basically to tell you my story how this came to me about over three years ago and i almost remember like it happened. Yesterday i was walking in my house. And i was stopped dead in my tracks by what my book called a wash. Something that stopped me. At in that wash i saw vision and the vision set a thank you day and based on that i had enough trust to start this practice of writing a thank you note every single day and the thank you note was to a real person. It wasn't to the universe it was to to somebody and it was a fact. I actually made sure got delivered. So what i noticed. Immediately as part of the journey was at whatever mood. I was in that day whether it be bad mood. It was raining out or neutral mood when i was done with my thank you note. My mood was elevated to one of gratitude. And so i would go onto my day in a higher state and what i also noticed. Happening right away was that they used on that. Some little serendipity or something good would happen that day from to be grateful for so it was as simple as i would be driving to an appointment and my side of the highway was crystal clear and the other side of the highway was a parking lot and i would say whoa good thing. I'm on this side of the highway. And then i realized wow yesterday. I found the perfect parking spot. And so i just started recording. These little daily serendipity which then became very very large. And i call them my daily miracles

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